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Aunt Jemima? Dr. Suess? Pepe Le Pew? Mr. Potato Head? Seriously???

It’s clear that Liberal Democrats just want to cancel America. Why? Because they hate what we stand for. During last summer’s riots, Liberals, many who were paid, tore down statues of The U.S. Founding Fathers and other American Heroes. You have to ask yourself, who’s behind this and why are we allowing it to happen? Hint: They are Big Tech and high level Democrats whose names we all recognize.

When in history has a group that wants to censor speech, burn books, and cancel an entire culture ever been regarded as the good guys? Let’s look at a few more of those groups. The Nazis are obvious. But how about Mao Zedong, who killed tens of millions of his own people? Or Vladimir Lenin, who killed hundreds of thousands in Russia?

Once they got in, they didn’t stop until their power was consolidated through any means necessary. Murdering millions of people meant nothing to them. If you think taking down some of these classic American Icons is just Liberals being overly sensitive, or politically correct snowflakes, think again. If they can get away with stealing an election, basically un-challenged by the courts, there’s nothing these dictators won’t do. This is today’s American Democrat Party.

FYI- These Democrats are mostly White Elitists. If you’re an African American, Hispanic American, Native American, or other groups referred to as disadvantaged by the Left, you better watch out too. Once they no longer need your vote, they no longer need you either.

Join Mammoth Nation. We won’t be cancelled. We won’t back down. We won’t be intimidated.

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