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Biden orders FEMA to help with Border Crisis

The Biden administration's incompetence apparently knows no bounds. With the rollback of President Trump's immigration policies and Border Protection Plan, there's been such a massive influx of migrants that Biden has to send FEMA to help with the crisis. That means more of YOUR tax dollars spent on a tragedy THEY created.

In February alone there were over 100,000 encounters with illegals trying to get into our country. That's up from 36,000 in February of last year. It's completely out of control, but the "Biden Team" continues to play it down.

Many of the people making the trek to our southern border to seek asylum have a brutal trip. The Mexican drug cartels, who control Mexico's side of the border, treat these people like animals. Rape and murder statistics are off the charts. They use the women and children as drug mules. If they refuse to help the cartels, they could be executed on the spot.

This is a full blown crisis at our southern border, but the guy sitting in the Oval office and his press secretary are being very cavalier about it. May God Help Us!

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