Biden's New Homeownership Buying Program Reeks Of Socialism

The Biden administration has done it again. 

Just when you start thinking 'how much worse can it get?' - it gets worse. And this time, in a scary way that's clearly reminiscent of socialism. 

In Biden's latest policy they have endorsed, a new federal rule came out May 1st that is essentially taking money from the rich to give to the poor. The idea behind the new federal policy is that it will help people afford to buy homes but in doing so, must financially penalize people with good credit who can afford to buy a home. 

People with low income and low credit scores will be afforded reduced fees to assist them in being able to purchase a home. However, in order to accomplish that, it must be subsidized by charging additional fees to people with high credit scores. 

And it clearly reeks of socialism.

Socialism Explained

Socialism is an economic system where the means of production, such as factories and land, are owned and controlled by the community as a whole, rather than by private individuals or corporations. It emphasizes cooperation and social justice over individual profit.

But it has been shown to be problematic in practice. The lack of incentives for innovation and hard work often leads to inefficiencies and lower overall productivity. Additionally, the centralization of power in the hands of the state can lead to corruption and a lack of individual freedom.

Our Mammoth Nation spokesperson said, "It's Communism at its very core.  Division of wealth until there isn't any, so then we all have to rely on our corrupt government."

Furthermore, the history of socialism in practice has been marked by human rights abuses and economic failures. For example, the Soviet Union, China, and Venezuela have all experienced widespread poverty, famine, and political oppression under socialist regimes.

Socialism is a flawed economic system that has proven to be detrimental to individual freedom, economic prosperity, and human rights.

Critics Speak Out

We aren't the only ones who criticize this socialist-like plan. Many true Americans are speaking out.

In an interview on Fox Business, Mark Tepper, CEO of Strategic Wealth Partners said, "This Biden Administration, more and more often making decisions, to reward bad decisions. That is not the way you grow as a country, as an economy, essentially saying 'hey, if you spend reckless, lived above your means, stopped making payments on time... have no fear! Someone who's done it the right way is going to pay for you.'" He continued, "And that's not what capitalism is all about. And it puts us in a situation where there's no consequences if you make bad decisions."

GOP representative Michael Lawler of New York told Newsweek, "This new rule unfairly penalizes Americans for having good credit and rewards those who accrue debt and don't pay their bills with cheaper loans. The way to expand access to housing isn't to reward bad credit - it's to bring down inflation, reduce property taxes, cut energy costs and invest in critical infrastructure."

This debacle is another reason why we continue to be a voice for true Americans who are concerned with the direction our great country is heading. And socialism is the last thing we want. So we will continue the fight and never give up - our country deserves it. 

- Mammoth Nation

Check out this video to get a better understanding of this socialist-like program.

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