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CHAZ needs to end now, but legally, what are President Trump's options?

It's now been several days since the birth of the new 'socialist utopia', the Peoples Republic of CHAZ and it is raising more questions than answers at this time. It may be small and a total farce, but the ramifications are gigantic and it needs to be addressed quickly.

Last week, following Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan’s decision to just abandon the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct Building, extremist left-wing protesters have taken over the surrounding six block radius and named it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

Recently some have changed the name to Capitol Hill Organized (or Occupied) Protest (CHOP), but I will stick with the more well known name of CHAZ.

On its first night they were led by the armed members Antifa and the John Brown Gun Club, but after, CHAZ has sought to implement civilian rule.

The self-proclaimed 'leaders' are hoping to create a new political authority based on the concept of 'social-justice.' I am not joking, this is really happening. They have enacted segregation by declaring certain areas off limits to white people. The 'leaders' have suggested some mini reparations and asked white people to give $10 any African American they see in the country.

Since they are all Democrats, it's inly fitting that they implement Democrat Party policies of the past.

But, what the 'people' of CHAZ don't realize is that they are unintentionally lending credibility to President Trump.

For starters, the People's Republic of CHAZ immediately found it important to define the  border of their 'country.'  They then proceeded to secure the border with physical barriers. Of course, no border is safe without having it fortified with guards carrying guns.   Because, well, it's important to know and control who is entering CHAZ.

Now, where have we heard that concept before? Ironic, hey?

In all seriousness, though, this really needs to be addressed decisively and quickly. As entertaining as it has been watching unhinged leftists play pretend nation builder, this could get out of control quickly if copycats start popping up around the US.

We have already seen what problems 'no go zones' have caused in countries like England. There have been entire cities lost like this.

Of course, President Trump has told Jenny Durkan to address it or he will. The problem is, that was now several days ago. It's time to back that rhetoric up.

Understandably, this raises a huge Constitutional question. Because of the Posse Comitatus Act, the President is barred from using US troops on US soil. This certainly creates a dilemma for Trump.

Of course, National Guard can be used by governors, but we all know Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee is unlikely to do anything decisive.

If President Trump is to take action, he will have to be creative. This is is clearly an insurrection, and as the Civil War proved, secession is basically illegal. Perhaps the President declare an emergency.

A more likely scenario is to use Federal law enforcement. We all remember Waco. Then President Clinton used ATF and FBI to take action. For weeks they surrounded the compound, played loud music at night, etc. Then they stormed in. This is certainly an option for Trump since it has precedent and they have broken several laws.

In the end this has to be swift and decisive in order to prevent uprisings elsewhere.

Until then, instead of playing loud music to flush them out, perhaps they can constantly play President Trump's last State of the Union address on repeat. Maybe some them might learn something.







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