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Un-Mask America! - Revisited

Thank you so much to the medical community, who have responded with their feedback.

Yes, we completely agree that properly fitted and scientifically tested masks can and do protect vulnerable patients and those in surgical situations. The science is there and supported.

But let’s face it. How many people do you see on the streets wearing N95 masks that are being disposed of after one use?

It’s just so disheartening to see healthy people living their daily lives wearing bandanas, dirty reused disposable masks, and homemade face coverings that are not proven to protect. Any mask touched with unwashed hands is no longer a sterile protective covering.

Raise your hand if you've ever seen someone wear a mask into a building, take it off, set it down (on a gym floor, dirty table or bar surface, public restroom sink, chair/seat, any surface that was not just disinfected), and then put it back on. Right now I bet everyone has their hand up.

It’s also cruel and a disservice to people who do have health conditions to allow them to think that wearing a non-regulated face covering is somehow providing any valuable protection to keep them safe. Instead of forcing everyone to wear masks, it would make so much more sense to let healthy people live their lives and switch the “mask mania” efforts into educating people to protect their health-compromised loved ones in a manner that is in their individual best interests.

This one size fits all approach which instills fear and depression in otherwise healthy Americans does not make sense to us. Using common sense that we all learned from a very young age works the best – wash your hands and take care of yourself in your own "pursuit of happiness." Our Constitution says it’s okay.

Thanks again to the medical community who gave their feedback, and ultimately backed the science that very few masks are scientifically proven, when worn properly, to be effective protection. Also remember, mask mandates aren’t about protecting you. It’s about controlling you.

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