Vendor Spotlight: Pure Talk Cell Phone Plans For Your Family

Vendor Spotlight: PureTalk Cell Phone Services."We believe in offering a great product at a fair price with excellent service, without the politics that big business pushes on Americans." - PureTalk

The fine folks over at PureTalk understand just how impersonal most major cell phone companies are. Everyone knows just how bad customer service is with these large companies. Even when you do finally get a live person on the phones, there is often a major communication barrier because of the heavy accent of the person on the phone.

PureTalk understands this problem. And being a patriotic company, they are proud to have their customer service based right here on American soil.

"We could easily move our customer service operation overseas to save money, but that's not who we are," a spokesman said.

Their website lists several other important things they believe in - starting with America. The website says, "We believe this is the greatest country in the world, and we believe nothing is more important than family." That is one of the reasons PureTalk offers our membership such generous family plan discounts - so families can stay connected.

They go on to say, "We believe in creating jobs for Americans, instead of offshoring just to save a buck like other big businesses."

Most large cell phone companies practically force customers into unlimited data plans. And because of their lack of moral fiber, they still insist on unlimited data for people they know don't need that much data, like the elderly. But PureTalk is proud to offer small data plans at a fraction of the cost. They want to give their customers a data plan that makes sense to them.

Being a patriotic company, PureTalk also understands the dilemma of doing business with a woke company. They say, "We believe in offering a great product at a fair price with excellent service, without the politics that big business pushes on Americans. With PureTalk you get superior nationwide coverage at half the cost without the politics."

Their patriotic beliefs are the main reason we collaborated and brought them to the Mammoth Nation marketplace. We want to assure our members that they are not spending their hard-earned money with a woke corporation.

That's why there are companies like PureTalk. They put America ahead of profits, and want to connect with you, our members.

-Mammoth Nation

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