School Boards are Important

School board members have the greatest influence on your child’s education because they decide how to spend the district’s public-school funds, and set its governing policies. Mammoth Nation offers support by providing a platform to showcase the School Board Candidates who support Conservative values.

School Boards duties include:

Adopt Policies: Your school board adopts policies that will affect each school in your district, including mask protocols, CRT initiatives, and much more.

Governing Body: They are the governing body of a school district and oversee the academic, legal, and financial aspects of a school district. Board members decide on the school calendar, bus times and routes, new curriculums, select the textbooks your child reads, and choose the online programs your child utilizes. The board serves as a judicial and appeals body to resolve conflicts.

Academic Standards: They share the responsibility, along with educators for maintaining academic standards, transparency, and accountability. The board hires and evaluates your district’s superintendent.

Elections: Typically, very few vote in their local school board elections, so your single vote counts for more than in almost any other election. By election, YOU essentially hire your board of education who adopt policies that will affect each public school in your district.