Candidate Terms and Conditions

Thank you for submitting this questionnaire. Please note the following conditions of this service.

Candidates can use the questionnaire to submit content to Mammoth Nation. The information must be submitted by the actual candidate. Mammoth Nation will use information submitted in the survey in a candidate profile section on the Mammoth Nation website. Mammoth Nation reserves the right to edit candidate survey responses due to length or misspellings, etc, and retains discretion over which information to use one Mammoth Nation website pages. If the candidate disagrees with an edit, he or she may request the full removal of the survey response from Mammoth Nation, or request changes to the public listing by submitting an email to [email protected]

This is an acknowledgment that the information you are providing for the application is accurate and true. After you have fully read and understand these Terms and Agreements, check the box verifying that you have done so, and click the submit button.

Mammoth Nation may, with or without notice to Candidate and without liability to Company change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of this posting on our website. Information posted on our website is for information purposes only and is not deemed to represent any legal relationship between Mammoth Nation and the Candidate.

A posting of any candidate information on the Mammoth Nation website is not an endorsement from Mammoth Nation, rather a means to share information with voters regarding the information you provided to Mammoth Nation.

Candidates are requested to upload a picture. Photos must be of the correct candidate, headshot showing only the candidate, face must be clearly visible and unobstructed, must not contain any words or symbols, must correspond to the name of the person

You confirm under perjury of law that all information is accurate and correct, and submitted by the candidate as represented on this form.