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Bottom Gun Coffee Company

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Bottom Gun Coffee Company


Fair trade organic cOffee at a discount from Bottom Gun Coffee Company!

Bottom Gun Coffee Company We honor all members of the US Military. Our perspective of honor stems from the Submarine service of which owner and CEO, Bill Moser, was a part of.

Honoring the men (and now women) of the United States Submarine Service can now be shared through the coffee we offer. It's two-fold.Bottom Gun Coffee Company

All our coffee is produced from fair trade sources and our organic blends are certified organic. Our two-fold aim is, one to provide you with delicious coffee that you will look forward to every day, coffee that provides a rich flavor and a low acid content consistently. And two, to give back to the Military community via discounts, promoting other veteran businesses and veteran support groups.

By aiming our focus in this way, we can make a long-term commitment for our brave and courageous men and women who serve now, have served, and will serve in the future.

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