Bowser Granite Company

Helping Families Facilitate Ways to Grieve Loss by Providing Meaningful Memorialization

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Bonded Marble Statuary - Fiberglass Statues - Granite Benches - Urns - Birdbath Urns
The focus of our company is to help families who have lost a loved one with options, guidance, and products to facilitate ways to grieve their loss and provide meaningful memorialization. We believe our company is unique from other companies because we offer a large variety of American Made products, personalization, and service to help families preserve their memories and legacies.

Most of our urn products are designed for the placement of cremains (ashes) for families who choose to take their loved ones home or to be placed in a local cemetery upon cemetery approval.

We are an American-owned company with over 50 years of experience servicing families. We offer the following urn products: granite benches and bird baths, as well as metal, glass, bronze, culture marble, and fiberglass urn vaults. Our religious statues are made of marble, fiberglass, and bonded marble and are imported from the most renowned sculptures in Carrera, Italy, and supplied to us by an American company.

We hope you allow us to help you create a Serenity Garden, a peaceful place dedicated to prayer and meditation. This permanent resting place will provide you the space to sit down and acknowledge God's presence in your loved ones while keeping them at home and in your heart.

We welcome any calls or questions regarding our products. We know this is a very special and meaningful investment, and our staff is here to help with customizing your loved ones' memories. We also welcome custom inquiries. Thank you.