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Our motto at Get JESU5 Gear is simple. To be subtly bold with the coolest Christian clothing on the planet. The subtleness and curiosity of our JESUS “negative space” design helps start conversations about our products and the relationship we have with our Savior.

It all started with my grandma Minnie. She had a crocheted plaque on her knick-knack shelf for as long as I can remember. At first I didn't see what it spelled out. When she showed me the negative space, I was captivated. Once I saw “JESUS”...I loved it, and I checked it out every time I visited. Since it had a major impact on me, I realized it could also impact others. So our gear is made using the same negative space design, while giving it a fresh look and feel for all ages.

It's a fun game to play if you ask someone what they see. You can play it anywhere — at the checkout aisle, mall, school, gym, church, pool, ball games, everywhere you do life. Once someone "sees" it, they will always see it. The world needs more personal interaction, especially during these times. And this is an easy way to do that with those in your sphere of influence.

So if you're looking to spice up your casual wardrobe or as a unique gift, you've come to the right place. Everything we make is God ordained, Jesus approved, and Holy Spirit inspired with FREE shipping. We've got you covered from head to toe with the most modern, coolest and boldest Christian gear…so what are you waiting for?

- Brad at Get JESU5 Gear

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