Jack Billups - Author and Illustrator

Books on Redemption After War

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My Vietnam - A Gift to My Daughter - Christian's Walk - The Journey
Books on redemption after war and deep reflections of the gospel from Vietnam Veteran Jack Billups - Author and Illustrator!

Growing up in the 50s formed who I became—playing outside, building tree forts, playing army, and hiking through the foothills of California. Life was wholesome and simple. The 60s changed us. I became a “Grunt” in that crazy Asian war. After returning home in a stealthy manner, I soon got married and became a masonry contractor. With my body worn after 23 years, I retired my trowel and became a tool distributor for the next 20-plus years.

Cancer forced my retirement, and after that battle, my wife and I relocated to northern Arizona. My life is a sweet mixture of my wife, kids, and grandchildren. My time is spent gazing through my office window at the vast desert landscape while I ponder, I’m an author!!? Life is good!

My VIETNAM; A Gift to My Daughter
“Hey, Dad, instead of a gift, would you share your Vietnam experiences with me?” My daughter’s request set into motion a journey as a grunt in Vietnam. Four months later, with my memoir completed, she asked another question. “Hey, Dad, can we go to Vietnam, just you and me?” Could the ghosts of Vietnam's past morph into a father and daughter blessing in the present?

Christian’s Walk: The Journey
Chris’s story penetrates the heart with reflection, conviction, guidance, comfort, and purpose. His journey brings pertinent scriptures to life as the King's children travel through a turbulent and confusing world. The characters become our mirrored images revealing the thoughts and intents of the heart.