Kalamata Glass Sunglasses

The World's Only Sunglasses with TRIVEX Anti-Glare Lens

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On March 10, 2017, in Kalamata, Greece home of the world-famous Kalamata olive, the sunglass brand "Kalamata Glass" began production.

The "Kalamata Glass" CEO is a pilot. His objective was to produce the best and highest quality pilot sunglasses made in the world today, at a fair price, using the best quality materials available. That mission has been accomplished.

The best sunglasses made which protect a person's eyes are made for pilots. Specifically, military pilots. The U.S. military has very strict requirements for pilot sunglasses called MIL-SPEC #25948J. Any brand of sunglasses supplied to the U.S. military must meet that strict requirement. Only three manufacturers can meet or exceed the MIL-SPEC #25948J. Those three are American Optical, Randolph Engineering, and Aggressor Optical. American Optical and Randolph Engineering come standard with polycarbonate lenses. Aggressor Optical come standard with TRIVEX non-glare lenses which are the most expensive and technologically advanced lenses made today. TRIVEX lenses are superior to polycarbonate lenses as they are superior in clarity and resist chemicals unlike polycarbonate lenses.

TRIVEX lenses are shatterproof and have UV protection built into the lens, unlike glass lenses which do shatter and have their UV protection painted on which deteriorates over time.

Kalamata Glass Sunglasses:

  • Come standard with TRIVEX anti-glare lenses.
  • Kalamata Glass Sunglasses have 400 UV A & B protection at high altitudes.
  • Frames are 404C stainless steel which resists electrolysis (rust).
  • Plated in 10K gold (14K to 24K rubs off, too soft)
  • Kalamata Glass Sunglasses are 38% less in weight than Ray-Bans and weigh 20 grams.
  • Kalamata Glass sunglasses are warrantied for life.