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Kitty Cure

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Kitty Cure


K.C. Innovations LLC is a North American start-up company that makes cat scratching manicure products designed to dull your cat's claws effortlessly and eliminate the need for declawing. We offer a variety of products that reduce your cats claw sharpness by upgrading your pre-existing cat care staples. Our first product, launched in 2021, was Kitty Cure. Kitty Cure is a peel and stick nail file for your litterbox or anywhere your cat likes to scratch. When they scratch the strips, they file down their claws. Most common places cat owners put Kitty Cure is in the litterbox, corrugated cardboard, tile, doors, walls or any flat smooth surface.

Our second and third product, launched earlier this year, are the KCat Wrap and the KCat Matt. The 18''x13'' KCat Wrap with 3 elastic snap on fasteners update/upgrade a cat owners pre-existing scratching post to make new again. The 3 layer product is comprised of 18lb burlap, 320 micro grit abrasive and a cotton back material. When the cat scratches the wrap, they will file down their claws.

Our 3rd product, the KCat Matt, is the same as the wrap but it doesn't have the elastic snap on fasteners. The KCat Matt can be used on couches, carpets and beds.

K.C. Innovations LLC is proud to be an American based company. God Bless America and God Bless Mammoth Nation.

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