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Kuhl Shop the official KÜHL online store for the highest quality hiking pants and shorts, performance shirts, outerwear, and outdoor clothing. Stylish mountain wear!

KÜHL IS ART - Art at its highest level captivates all dimensions: beauty, desire, logic and reason. Great design has the power to move you.

KÜHL QUESTIONS EVERYTHING - Never satisfied with current standards, KÜHL is always searching and questioning the norm. By collaborating on development, KÜHL creates fabrics based on technology and innovation.

KÜHL IS THE STUDY OF ANATOMY - By combining the study of body mechanics with a focus on fit, KÜHL's anatomically correct designs with 3D patterning come to life when your body is in motion.

KÜHL IS PASSION - KÜHL is the crossroads where beauty and desire meet logic and reason. It is the balance of both performance and style.

KÜHL IS INNOVATION - Combining art, science and pure craftsmanship with groundbreaking designs that change the status-quo, set new benchmarks for others to follow, and stay in the memory of all who see them.

KÜHL IS MOVEMENT - Born from our rebellious philosophy to question everything, break the rules and reject the status quo, wearing KÜHL not only represents freedom of movement but also freewill.

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