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Brodart Products & Accessories - Paperless Mylar - Vinyl Slipcovers - Just-A-Fold III - Fold-On Archival & Lo-Luster

Protect your valuable books with genuine Brodart book jacket covers from Manaus Books!

These quality covers protect your books by protecting your dust jackets. Super clear or lo-luster covers are designed to enhance the look of your books, and the acid-free paper backing further support the dust jacket. Whether you have antique books with dust jackets that need optimal support or brand-new books that you want to treasure all your life, we have a cover to meet your needs. These covers will maintain and, over time, increase the value of your books. As book collectors and booksellers ourselves, we can tell you that these are the covers you want to use!

Manaus Books has been selling Brodart book jacket covers since 2006. It all started with our own need for book jacket covers, and when we discovered that it was difficult to purchase these in small quantities, we realized that there were probably many others who felt the same way! We became authorized Brodart resellers and small quantity specialists in the field. We chose genuine Brodart covers for their long-lasting quality, variety of styles and sizes, and their commitment to being Made in America. These are the same covers libraries across the nation have trusted for over 75 years!

We also sell vinyl slipcovers to protect books without dust jackets, paperbacks, and magazines. We offer other book accessories as well such as binding glue, hinge tape, and bone folders along with a limited collection of antique and collectible used books.

Our business philosophy is simple: We offer excellent customer service and custom orders, quick, reliable shipping, and a commitment to conservative Judeo-Christian values.