Protect Your Tail

Comfortable UPF 50+ Sun Protective Apparel

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Men's & Women's Outdoor Apparel - Hats - Drinkware - Towels - Golf Balls
UPF 50+ rated apparel from Protect Your Tail!

Our family is on a mission to end skin cancer “one tail at a time,” by solving the problem of either stylish or sun protective clothing. We answer, both! Our medical grade UPF 50+ broad spectrum fabrics are constructed from highly sustainable bamboo blends into flattering resort wear stylish from the boardroom to the golf course, school pick up line to tennis court, boating to dining and everything in between.

Inspired by her own melanoma diagnosis, Tracy Olsen resigned from teaching to ensure she and her avid outdoorsmen husband and sons would be safe from skin cancer. Founded in Winter Park, Florida, then accepted into the Reno, NV business accelerator community, the Protect Your Tail family is grateful to everyone who helped keep the mission afloat during Covid policies that shuttered traditional store fronts.

Why Protect Your Tail?

Our cooling, wicking, performance fabrics feel buttery soft and featherlight against the skin and are often described as feeling “naked.” One shirt replaces around 50 bottles of sunscreen which saves $500 as well as reduces the amount of damage to our lakes, oceans and waterways. Tested in our New Jersey solar lab, even after 100 washes, they still earn a rating of UPF 50+. After all, our brand was founded as a medical necessity and must protect everyone’s skin!