Stevon's Diamonds

Classic American Jewelry Designs Featuring Diamonds & Gemstones

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Diamond Earrings/Pendants - Gemstone Earrings/Pendants - Gifts

Beautifully styled diamond styled jewelry crafted completely in the USA by Stevon's Diamonds!

Stevon's Diamonds features classic American jewelry designs featuring diamonds and gemstones set in silver and gold. We are based in Florida and do the casting, fabrication, polishing, stone setting, and final finishing in the United States. Most of today’s fine jewelry is manufactured in China, India, and other foreign countries. All of Stevon's diamond merchandise is made in the USA!

We can customize most of the designs that you see on our website. If you see something you like on our site but want something different, like silver instead of gold, ruby instead of sapphire, white gold instead of yellow gold, or a larger or smaller diamond than shown, we can accommodate your wishes.

I am Stevan Hoff, and I have been in the jewelry business my whole life. My father, Frank, opened his own jewelry store in 1938. Outside of serving in the 34th infantry division in Italy in WWII, he was active in the family business until he departed this life in 2012. Over the years, we have developed many of our own designs and production capabilities, which is why we can make and service all our jewelry right here in the good old USA.

Thanks for visiting, and we appreciate American-made products and services. We hope you do too!