The Block Sharpener

Sharpen Any & All of Your Sharp Edges

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Block Sharpener in Various Colors
Sharpen any and all of your sharp edges with the versatile Block Sharpener!

Block is our Family name. Our knife sharpener started as a part-time small business by my Grandpa Paul Block Sr. and my Dad Paul Block Jr. from Capac, Michigan, in the early 70s. They mainly sold to local butcher shops and vegetable processing plants then. In the 80s, they started demonstrating the sharpeners at local gun and knife shows, car shows, sporting events, and flea markets.

After Grandpa Paul passed away, my wife, Billie Jo, and I visited her family in Florida and never left! We moved the business to Florida, and in 2013 we redesigned the sharpener by adding a new look and features. We added a non-slip thumb grip with a new softer overshot. This made our sharpener much safer to use and much easier to grip. Our patent was approved in 2014, opening many doors for us. We were invited to be special guests on the Cutlery Corner TV knife show, and we became their hottest-selling knife sharpener.

With The Block Sharpener, you can sharpen any cutting edge. Our knife sharpener has a unique flex design in the handle, allowing the honing rods to adjust to your knife's cutting edge. Knives or cutting edges sharpen when you draw your blades through the honing rods. You can sharpen your kitchen, pocket, hunting, swords, daggers, hatchets, machetes, scissors, and any style blade with serrated edges.

Our knife sharpener has a patent, nonslip grip overshot on the bottom and top side of the sharpener's handle. The inside ring gives you an excellent grip when holding them down on hard slippery surfaces. It also has a non-slip grip over the thumb grip on the top side of the sharpener handle. This grip gives you great control when sharpening knives in the great outdoors or where there may not be a table to work on.

The Block Sharpener is and will always be proudly made in the USA!