The Savage Sailor Designs

The Savage Sailor Designs


Our American patriot clothing gives you an expressive edge that speaks well of your character and lets all those around you know of your love of our amazing country.

You’ll find a large selection of patriotic shirts, women’s patriotic clothing, patriotic sweatshirts, American patriot caps, American patriot wall art, and unique clothing for your everyday needs.

We're US Navy Veterans who served in US Naval Special Warfare Group 2. Our designs and mottos are from our years of service.

They’re not all your normal mottos but the slang mottos we picked up along the way. I find them unique in their own way and I hope you enjoy them.

Pick up some American patriotic decor to spruce up your home. Take a look at our different collections and enjoy shopping online with us.

We are also Creative Web Development and Design Company Specializing in Clothing Brand, E-commerce. Branding Strategy Consulting using Social Media Marketing, Product Media and Video Production. Drop us a line.

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