About Us

Who We Are:

Mammoth Nation is your trusted online marketplace of fully-vetted American companies that offer special deals on a variety of products. Our membership-based platform provides a gateway to shop from brands who align with your beliefs while supporting conservative causes. You don’t ever have to trade your values for convenience.

Our Story:

In 2019, our desire to have online shopping options escalated as the woke culture began creeping into corporations. Our frustration of spending our hard-earned dollars on online brands and retailers with increasingly progressive values led us to begin searching for brands and products that supported our conservative values. We realized that many others were in the same boat, and if we could share our findings of fully-vetted retailers, we could make it easier for like-minded consumers to quickly find the products and services they were seeking. We realized the value this could bring and Mammoth Nation, America's Marketplace, was born.

Membership Benefits:

Discounts members receive will quickly cover the cost of membership. Many of our affiliate vendors offer discounts that cannot be found anywhere else. Proceeds from membership dues, purchases from our partners, and Mammoth Nation merchandise will be allocated to support charities and conservative causes.