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Weekly news updates with former U.S. Counter-Terrorism Officer, Drew Berquist

Biden, once again, threatens Americans with our own Fighter Jets; Taking your 2nd Amendment rights one at a time; How they plan to use "Hunter Guilty" to incarcerate Trump.

Biden's salute to the troops; DOJ attempts to silence Bannon leading up to the Election; Bannon: "There's nothing that will shut me up"

President Trump: "We will fight for our Constitution. This is long from over."

Is Biden on the Ohio Ballot?; UN lowers flag for Terrorist; Norway, Ireland, and Spain recognize Palestine as a Free State.

The Debates Are Set: How Will Biden Survive?; Harrison Butker's Common Sense Speech Rattles Triggered Youth; Cocaine Found at the U.S. Capitol: Who did it belong to?

Chris Cuomo Apology Tour: "We were given bad information about Ivermectin"; Admits Joe Rogan was right; Is now taking regular dose; NY Gov Kathy Hochul: "Black kids don't know what the word Computer is"; GOP fighting for Proof of U.S. Citizenship to Vote.

Jerry Seinfeld: Comedy being destroyed by PC and "The Extreme Left"; Most are Paid Agitators - Not Protestors; Check out the "List of Demands" from Pro-Hamas "Protestors".

Climate 'Emergency Powers' would give Biden total Dictatorship; Today's protestors are tomorrow's judges; Biden: "4 more years, "pause"", stumble, slimy grin...

Iran vs Israel: Where's it going?; Joe warns Israel not to attack Israel; Why ALL Red-Blooded Christian Conservative Americans MUST vote in every single election.

All agree, President Trump would be better for U.S. Economy; Biden thinks inflation is getting better?; The FISA mess.


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