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Weekly news updates with former U.S. Counter-Terrorism Officer, Drew Berquist

All agree, President Trump would be better for U.S. Economy; Biden thinks inflation is getting better?; The FISA mess.

If Biden dies, who's next in line?; Serious ramifications of Ukraine joining NATO; Is Johnson waking up?

Baltimore Disaster: What Really Happened; KJP Lies about Biden's Dementia, then hangs up on Charlotte Radio Host; DOJ invents "Extreme Risk" order to justify confiscating our guns.

CNN suggests Fire Sale of Trump Properties; Omnibus bill is $1.7 Trillion of our tax money to fund DEI, Green New Deal, Asylum for Illegals, No Border Protection, and many more America-Killing agendas. How did we get here?

Haiti spirals out of control, affects America; Biden allows 30K+ Haitians, including gang members; Pelosi behind Tik Tok ban; Freedom of Speech threatened.

Skeletor yells at America, again; Says Her Name, incorrectly; Says "ILLEGAL" killed Laken Riley; Nikki finally says goodbye.

DEI and Wokism in the U.S. Military?; Biden's compromised doctor says Joe doesn't need a cognitive test; SCOTUS to weigh Trump's Presidential Immunity; Jack Smith put on hold.

Blinken imposes evil Marxist agenda on staff; Alabama IVF ruling leaves Leftists in tears; When do you believe that God's miracle actually occurs?

Russia to put Nukes in Space?; Mayorkas finally impeached; Obama used US intelligence agency to spy on Trump campaign and lie to the American people; Mar-A-Lago raid was disinformation and distraction.

Tucker interviews Putin; Biden Special Counsel says Joe's unfit for legal process, and can't remember key moments of his life; Border legislation is a complete sham.


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