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Weekly news updates with former U.S. Counter-Terrorism Officer, Drew Berquist

Newsmax - Carl Higbie Interview with Drew Berquist 7-8-23

Carl Higbie, former Trump advisor and Navy Seal, interviews Drew Berquist about "Bidenomics" and the economic woes it has created for all Americans.

TikTok Cancels Mammoth Nation - Steals our Money.

See the video that was too Conservative for one of America’s Largest Conservative media outlets.

True Conservative: Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Carl Higbie, former. Trump adviser and Navy SEAL host Saturday Report and interviews Drew Burquist of Mammoth Nation with Amy Tarkanian, former Nevada State GOP Chairwoman.

Carl Higbie interviews Drew on the Greg Kelly show as part of a segment on George Soros. In it he highlights how Mammoth Nation is stepping up to help at the local level with their Candidate listings and support.

Carl Higbie interviews Drew on the Greg Kelly show to discuss the go woke go broke culture and how Mammoth Nation provides vetted conservative businesses and discounts to conservative minded customers.


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