4 Issues, 4 Facts, 4 Fights, 4 Freedom

Censored Speech, Border Crisis, Euro-Farmer Rebellion, Funding EV Lies

As America’s Conservative Marketplace, Mammoth Nation provides quality products from vendors you can trust. But we also want to share truth and information about what is happening in our country, as well as global events that may impact our freedom. These are headlines and stories that you won’t see on mainstream media, but are of the utmost importance to any God-fearing, independence-loving American who believes in our Constitution. If we don’t pay attention, we risk losing everything our Founding Fathers fought so hard to preserve for all Americans. The globalists are already shaking in their little commie boots over the recent installment of Argentina President, Javier Milei, and they are apoplectic over the Trump Train that is nearing unstoppable momentum. And it starts with freedom of speech….

  1. World Economic Forum's #1 Goal is Censoring the Internet

When you want to achieve world domination, what is the first thing you need to do? Control the narrative and squash free speech. Respected Journalist and Podcaster, Jack Posobiec, talks about this in his latest podcast. In his discussion with Mike Benz, conservative crusader against online censorship, they discuss how misinformation and disinformation were greatly emphasized during the recent WEF conference in Davos. Benz referred to censorship as their “master issue” and how Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter (now “X”) is a huge threat to their agenda. WEF panelists complained about their experiences on the “toxic X platform” and its “problematic” owner (Musk) and how they hope for a more regulated social media space. (Hey, if you want more regulation, spend your time on Zuckerburg’s Meta platforms!)

The globalist cabal that wants to dismantle free speech is in a panic mode (thank you, Elon!), because they know that if average citizens knew what’s really going on behind their velvet curtain, there would surely be an uprising against their sinister plot to rule the world. Benz explained how Musk taking over the “X” platform created a major blockade for the WEF to implement their Agenda 2030. “X” is the last bastion of free speech, and it’s created a sense of panic with these narcissistic, godless elites; they view it as the final battle in 2024. Posobiec states that he personally asked Musk to his face what he would do if the FBI ordered him to take down legal information on his site; he said he “would be willing to go to jail rather than take something down.” Benz refers to Elon Musk as the “trump card to internet freedom,” the most important card in play to stop the obliteration of freedom.

  1. Border Crisis Facts A la Tucker Carlson

Remember when Tucker Carlson was fired by FOX News? Sometimes the silver lining is much brighter than one can imagine. Now, Tucker is famous worldwide for his authentic style of communicating truth in a world covered in lies. Thanks to “X,” Tucker’s viewership has grown exponentially, as shown recently by the crowds in Canada he’s been attracting on his ‘Liberating Canada’ tour. So, who better to explain the border crisis than this beloved artisan of explanation who provided the clearest understanding of our border crisis in less than one minute with four facts. Here it is…

“Yale University released a study last week by three researchers, all liberal, I believe, who concluded the following: 

Fact 1. The actual number of illegal aliens in this country is not 11 million. It's north of 22 million.

Fact 2. The Democratic Party is now, as a matter of policy, calling for the legalization of all illegals in this country, citizenship voting rights, 22 million new voters. 

Fact 3. The overwhelming majority of first-time immigrant voters vote Democrat.

Fact 4. The largest margin in American presidential history was 17 million votes, 1984 election between Mondale and Reagan—17 million. You would add to our voter rolls 22 million, at least permanent electoral majority in perpetuity.

That's what this is about. It's not about making the country better, serving our labor needs or helping the population. It's about putting Democrats in power forever. That is the truth of our immigration debate. Period.”

  1. Euro Farmers Spreading Manure in All the Right Places

The farmer rebellion sweeping across Europe is not slowing down anytime soon. As a matter of fact, we just learned that Poland has now joined this tractor tussle against tyranny, with more on the way. @PeterSweden on “X” is doing an excellent job of tracking all of this activity as he calls out the media for hiding these major protests now happening in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Scotland. He also includes excellent video footage, with very recently, sharing a video of French farmers literally dumping and spraying manure on government buildings (see for yourself).

So, what is this all about? You guessed it—Dr. Evil and his WEF minions are going after the farmers now. They are claiming that growing your own food is bad for the environment. They want to shut down farming because it’s harmful to the environment. @PeterSweden points out that Stalin called farmers the “enemy of the people” and the WEF is saying that farming is ‘ecocide’ and should be a serious crime. Are you kidding? So, it’s a crime to grow food now. These climate crisis clowns are absurd! The farmers are also fighting tax increases and digital IDs, which are all part of the Agenda 2030 which is really about controlling humanity. These brave farmers are making a statement and will not back down. Thankfully, the new right-wing government in Sweden is leading the charge and making great progress.

• SCRAPPED the renewable energy goals.

•️ SCRAPPED Agenda 2030 goals from directives.

•️ SCRAPPED climate taxes on diesel and gasoline.

•️ Now they are PUSHING BACK against the cashless agenda.

Even though this is happening across the pond, we must support our European brothers and sisters in this fight by sharing what is happening since the media is hiding it. Who ever thought that our farmers would have to fight for their right to grow food? Let’s follow Sweden’s lead…or we’ll be eating Bill Gates’ lab-grown meat and Klaus Schwab’s creepy crawlers!

  1. Joe Biden Funding EV Industry and Lies

Apparently, it’s not enough to fund all of the illegal migrants who come here, provide new cell phones, debit cards and free health care…now Biden has committed another $325 million for electric vehicle chargers and battery research, with the White House claiming the actions will lower EV costs and make such vehicles more attractive to buyers. Those funding announcements came after DOT on Jan. 11 announced a separate, $623 million grant program funded under the infrastructure law to build EV chargers and hydrogen fueling infrastructure across the country. 

But, on top of massive spending, Biden is allowing EV manufacturers to lie to the public about their efficiency! According to Wall Street Apes (@WallStreetApes), EV manufacturers can “multiply the efficiency” of their vehicles.

“Under a Dept. of Energy rule, carmakers multiply the efficiency of electric cars by a factor of 6.67. If you test a 2022 Tesla Model Y, the vehicle gets the equivalent of 65 miles per gallon. But according to the government, the model Y’s equivalent fuel efficiency is 430 miles per gallon. If that weren’t enough, they’re also handing out compliance credits on the basis of those scores, which are tradable for cash. The credits amount to millions and millions of dollars.”

The timing of this government spending news and blatant lying about efficiency is almost comical when you consider all the issues EV owners are experiencing in the cold weather. Blaze Media recently reported on the impact of icy cold temperatures on these progressive electric vehicles, and let’s just say, there’s some work that needs to be done. Glenn Beck points out the irony of a supercharging station in Chicago packed with dead Teslas, leaving many owners stranded for days. Of course, the Biden Administration diminished the situation, claiming that you’ll have issues with any type of vehicle in extreme weather.

“I know I couldn’t fill up my gas tank just the other day because it was so cold and my car wouldn’t work,” Glenn jokes, adding, “Oh, no, no. Matter of fact, I could pump gas into my car, and my car worked fine.”