And the Oscar Goes to….

Joe Biden for His Role as Cantankerous Old Senile Leader of the Free World!

That’s right folks…Joe takes home the gold for his performance at the recent State of the Union Address! Regular readers of the Mammoth Nation blog already know that what’s taking place in our country right now is pure theater. If you’re one of the tiny minority who still doesn’t realize what’s truly happening in our country, come along for the ride and you can see with your very own eyes, as Kamala Harris (who plays the part of Vice President) likes to say!

And speaking of Ms. Harris, there was a whole host of other supporting character actors there playing their parts. You had Jerry Nadler in his cherished role as the old, tired, chubby little guy who can fall asleep standing up. And the beady-eyed Chuck Schumer, seemingly always in the background rubbing his evil little hands together conjuring up his next evil plan. The race-card, DEI mascots were there—Maxine Waters and Hakeem Jeffries. Antony Blinken was there playing the cool, young rock-n-roll soy boy, while Mike Johnson debuted in his new role as Speaker of the House, weaving and bobbing to a rhythm of ambiguity so as not to offend anyone. The entire Supreme Court players showed up in full-cape attire, and what SOTU gala would be complete without denture-jiggling, freakishly high eye-browed Nancy Pelosi, milling about and snuggling up to her fellow creepy democrats? Of course SHE was there! Other character actors had their moments, too, as will be highlighted throughout.

So, What DID Joe Have to Say?

Well, as in any televised show, the actor states the lines that have been scripted for him.  The SOTU was no different. So, most everything that came out of old Joe’s mouth was from the teleprompter. It was mostly fictional, in terms of actual truth vs. lies. In fact, there were so many lies, the lies actually told other lies! It appeared as though the scriptwriters were going for a “Look what all I’ve done for you, ungrateful peasants” kind of vibe. We’d say they nailed it!

They also had Biden channel Hitler for some real, good ole-fashioned fire and brimstone, angry rhetoric. And yes, he’s got that down. He also tastefully inserted some word slurs and mumbling to really capture the essence of a demented old man.

Of course, no true Biden speech would be complete without the ‘whisper moment’ that he so famously incorporates for added effect. Joe did not disappoint. He pulled out all his bag of tricks, culminating to the pièce de résistance where he dramatically portrays an old man who becomes less connected with reality as the meds where off. He even went off-script when heckled by MAGA warrior Marjorie-Taylor Greene, demanding that he “say her name—Laken Riley” (referring to the nursing student tragically murdered by an illegal alien). Joe had the master thespian adeptness to purposefully mispronounce her name on cue.

“Lincoln Riley,” he said. How bold of him to risk dishonoring her grieving parents to stay in character. He also used the politically incorrect term of “illegal” regarding her perpetrator, in a brilliant display of showing that his character MUST be suffering from dementia to dare utter such a horrible thing. Yes—Joe deserves his Oscar!

image of Earth

Will There Be a Sequel?

It’s difficult to reprise a role so perfectly played, but (unfortunately for us), there will be more performances ahead. The Democrats are already rehearsing for future stunts and events to try and fool the public in believing that all of the nonsense they spew is actually unscripted reality—but, just as we all know that reality TV shows are, in fact, scripted, we also know the current administration is a house of cards ready to crumble down to a round of 52 Pick-up. They are scared of what’s coming, which is fueling up the fiery rhetoric. They know we are on to them, and so, like a fierce, cornered beast, they are nervously growling and roaring at more intense levels. This will continue escalating right up until election day in November.

Image of Clowns

All the World’s a Stage

Keep in mind, this is not just a U.S. theatrical release. The globalist elites are the key executive producers, ensuring their anti-humanist goals and objectives permeate throughout the dialog. They need to make certain their old stories like climate change and supporting the Ukraine war are still front and center. They are the real puppeteers who are pulling all the Biden administration levers, working through Barrack Obama and his leftist minions.  It’s like George Carlin famously quoted “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

There are many other players from central casting who are all part of this show, and Americans need to wake up to understand what is happening. Keep an eye on world actors like Justin Trudeau, Emanuel Macron, Xi Jinping and other world leaders—they are putting on some incredible performance art that you can’t afford to miss. Stay tuned to what’s happening in Europe with the farmers revolt—they are fighting to be able to keep the food supply intact. It is massive! We are literally in a pivotal time in our history, and it’s the patriots who are awake, who can make a difference.

The Patriots Final Act girl with American Flag as Cape

The Patriots Final Act

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," Charles Dickens writes in the opening lines of A Tale of Two Cities, the famous novel about the French Revolution. It feels like this opening line is applicable to us at this moment. We have so much to lose if we just go along with the narrative. We will be enslaved under the devious premise of being “safe and secure.” They want us to trust them because they are the government, and they know what is best for us. Benjamin Franklin famously said, "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." He also said, "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." 

God is pressing us to open our eyes and discern truth from lies and not be compliant. Vivek Ramaswami says we’re in a “1776 moment”—are we going to collapse, or are we going to band together under God’s armor and fight for our freedom to provide a free world for our children and future generations?  This country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of good and brave men and women who stood up to tyranny. We are being called now to do the same. Our country—no—our WORLD can’t survive with four more years of the leftists in rule. It will not get better. We MUST cut the head off the snake.

Get involved in your communities and help to weed out the Marxist agenda through your votes and action. We can do this. We all know who wins in the end, but that doesn’t mean we will not be challenged with the fight of our lifetime.

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