Are NGOs the Secret Weapon in the Border Invasion?

This week Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued a Catholic nonprofit. The lawsuit against Annunciation House aims to stop it from operating in Texas. Isn’t bullying a religious non-governmental organization a bad look for Texas? Well, read on.

 “Annunciation House publicly depicts itself as a humble organization dedicated to ‘simply liv[ing] the Good News of the Gospel’ and providing ‘compassion and freedom; to ‘outcast[s] or alien[s],” the suit explains, quoting from Annunciation’s website.

Looks are Deceiving

The suit goes on to accuse Annunciation House, which was established in 1985 in the Diocese of El Paso, of “openly and flagrantly” violating many provisions of the law in systemic fashion. The suit alleges that the NGO openly boasts about housing up to 300 migrants who’ve illegally crossed the border at any one time, with many of these individuals evading the law. In addition, the suit says, it breaks the law, by “concealing” or “harboring” illegals from “detection” from law enforcement officials and then publicizing that it does this, thus encouraging and inducing others to break Texas law.

Human Smuggling

It gets worse. Paxton’s office also accuses Annunciation House of human smuggling and using vehicles to transport illegals, something that the nonprofit admits to in court documents. Annunciation is also accused of operating a “stash house” to harbor illegals. And lastly, it accuses the NGO of illegally counseling aliens on how to commit fraud within the asylum process. Annunciation House publicly holds workshops to assist aliens with asylum claims.

“The chaos of the Southern Border has created an environment where NGOs, funded with taxpayer money from the Biden Administration, facilitate astonishing horrors including human smuggling,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on X when the lawsuit was announced.

What Role the NGOs Play

So many people are on the take with this border crisis, it’s about time we focused on the innocent-looking NGOs, which are clearly aiding and abetting the invasion. They’re not even hiding it anymore as evidenced by the findings in this lawsuit. Recall the words of Retired Special Agent Victor Avila in Border 911- A Movement to secure our border,” last November? He talked about how 270 stash houses have been uncovered in El Paso alone. “They are being coached on how to lie about their immigration status,” he told us about the illegal immigrants he’s interviewed.

Unitarians Funding Smuggling Camp in the Arizona Desert

This is hardly an isolated incident. James O’Keefe Media Group or @JamesOKeefeIII on X, recently exposed the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, Arizona, and its ministry partner No Mas Muertes. @OKeefeMedia recently sent its team to No Mas Muertes, an encampment in the Arizona desert. The footage shows the NGO is working with the cartel and highlights possible federal immigration and human trafficking violations. For $300, an individual in the camp offered to take the undercover journalist to Phoenix. OMG later confirmed that UUCT is in fact funding No Mas Muertes to the tune of $400,000. Someone then sent OMG leaked footage from an emergency UUCT Board Meeting in which the Board Members discuss how to stop the investigative journalists from doing their work.

Follow the Money

The United Nations, the World Economic Forum and other globalists learned that funneling grants through NGOs is an effective way to circumvent the attention of the public that tends to donate to these charities and see them in a positive light. Journalists including @Michael_Yon on X, along with other investigative reporters on X using the hashtag #OperationBurningEdge, are reporting how organizations such as HIAS Refugees, Catholic Charities and many others are encouraging the human trafficking by giving assistance to illegal immigrants in their journey by handing them maps along the way or giving them a bed or travel assistance as soon as they enter the United States.

Throwing the Social Justice Card

Still the NGOs are using the moral superiority card to try to shame people into accepting their lawlessness. In a statement to the media, a group of El Paso NGOs defended Annunciation House and argued that it operates under the “scriptural and Gospel mandate to welcome the stranger.”

Screenshot of tweet from elon musk about Malema's call to white genocide

Annunciation House “has kept hundreds of thousands of refugees coming through our city off the streets and given them food.” … If its work is illegal “so, too, is the work of our local hospitals, schools, and food banks.” The statement was signed by the Hope Border Institute, Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico, Sisters of Mercy, Franciscan Action Network, Pax Christi USA, Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, St. Columban Mission, Las Americas Migrant Advocacy Center, Estrella del Paso, and the Border Servant Corps.

The Sisters of Mercy have openly assisted illegal immigrants dating back at least to 1985 when they brought El Salvadorian immigrants through their convent in California and declared themselves a sanctuary community.

Helping the Poor or Smuggling Humans?

To complicate matters (and induce Christian, tug-on-heartstrings guilt), there is truth mixed in with the law-breaking. Organizations such as Catholic Charities do provide services to the poor and hungry. So how does one differentiate between groups that are out feeding the poor and those that are encouraging human smuggling?

Perhaps looking at the financials at a nonprofit such as Catholic Charities Fort Worth will clarify things. To investigate a charity, head over to Pro Publica. Search for a charity’s “990” required tax filing. Catholic Charities of Fort Worth  2022 filing showed its revenue jumped 223% from the year prior to $140,238,602. It received nearly $113 million in grants as the “Texas Office for Refugees,” which appears to be all federally funded. It states in its filing: “Catholic Charities has served as leader of the North Texas Region since 2017, coordinating the activities of all sub-recipients in the region that provide services to refugees, and disbursing funding from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) of the U.S. Department of Housing and Human Services to our sub-recipients. During 2021, Catholic Charities was selected to serve as the leader for the entire state of Texas, coordinating the activities of our sub-recipients in the state that provide services to refugees, and dispensing funding from ORR.”

So, why such a sudden influx of money? Other programs did not change that much, but suddenly Catholic Charities is getting millions in human migration grants from the Biden administration right before a Presidential election year. Is the funding about responding to the crisis? Or is it about helping a new set of potential voters gain citizenship and make them forever loyal to the Biden regime? It makes you wonder.