Are you Prepared for the Unknown?

This, of course, is a ridiculous question. How can you possibly be prepared for what you don’t know is coming? However when you consider the uncertain times we are currently living in, you CAN at least prepare for some recently common scenarios including extreme weather and natural disasters, pandemics, fires, home invasions, carjackings, violent uprisings, food shortages and unwarranted tax audits to name a few. Certainly, where you reside matters and those in urban areas have a more heightened prospect of some of these situations; however, just because you may live in the suburbs does in no way exclude you from any of these potential dangers.

First off, for those of faith, you know the Lord has a plan for you.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

This provides great comfort on a spiritual level, but while we are still creatures on this planet, we need to be cognizant of the potential negative forces that may cross our path, and at minimum, have some type of plan to combat that adversity. We are impulsively wired to protect ourselves and our family, so why would we have been given this instinct if it wasn’t to be acted upon? Some of us are wired to be even more protective, seeking ways to prepare for potential hardships. And when we look around us and see so many disasters that seem to be increasing exponentially over time, we would be remiss to not pay attention and at least have a plan in place that we can act on if needed.

Extreme Weather

We are fortunate to have weather service warnings and sirens to alert us to dangerous storms or other potentially harmful weather patterns coming our way. Sadly, the people in Maui did not have the benefit of receiving these warnings due to (we’ll just say) something. That said, although we do have these systems built within our infrastructure, we can’t 100% trust that they will be operating as needed.

So, at minimum, most people have a plan to protect themselves when severe weather hits. In the Midwest, folks know to head down to the basement if a tornado is on the way. And if you don’t have a basement, taking shelter in a bathroom or closet in the center of the house is the best option. People on the east coast and near the Gulf of Mexico need to make plans when hurricanes are in their path. Wintertime presents its own share of weather issues. Most of us need to be aware of potential snowstorms, ice storms and blizzards.

Pandemics/Health Threats

Well, we all remember COVID-19, don’t we? Through this experience, we should have learned a lot about how to navigate through these types of health pandemics. We knew very little when COVID hit and relied upon the talking heads to tell us what to do to remain “safe.” Eventually, we learned we couldn’t trust much of the information that was being fed to us. Many of us began doing our own research to learn what is best for us and our families. There aren’t really any precautions you can take to ward off another pandemic; however, you can reduce negative health effects to some degree by taking care of your body through proper diet and exercise. This is one form of preparation that will give you long-term health benefits regardless of future pandemics.

And, as with the normal seasonal illnesses (flu, colds, etc.), there are many homeopathic remedies out there to give you relief. Remember, we are one of only two countries in the world that advertise pharmaceuticals to consumers (U.S. and New Zealand). If the COVID pandemic has not opened your eyes at all to the stake Big Pharma has in the game, we encourage you to do some research to learn more. God created us with an immune system—it will be wise to think and pause before allowing another shot in your arm under the guise of ‘flu protection’ or other preventions. (You might want to also have some Ivermectin on hand…just in case.)


Major fires are on the uptick. Globalists will tell you it’s due to ‘climate change.’ We know better. Although you can’t be prepared for an uncontrollable major fire in a geographical area, you can be prepared for a fire in your home. Every household should have a basic plan for what to do in case of fire. At least, ALL homes should be equipped with smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Families living in a 2-story house should consider escape ladders—particularly if bedrooms are upstairs. Parents should teach their kids the ‘Stop, Drop & Roll’ method if they notice their clothes are on fire. There are so many other great tools available to consider, just do an internet search about fire safety to learn about other ways to keep your family safe.

Food Shortages

This may be far off your radar; however, with the geopolitical temperature rising around the world, you may want to learn more about food preparation and storage options. Many patriots are becoming more interested in homesteading (a lifestyle of self-sufficiency—off-grid living), which can include planting gardens and preserving food, preparing home remedies as well as keeping live chickens on their property for fresh eggs. Here’s an excellent website all about homesteading, which is skyrocketing in popularity: For those not necessarily into DIYing, there are also several emergency food companies offering nutritional meals and snacks that can last for over 20 years, so you can store away for future emergencies. It’s generally recommended to stockpile at least 1 gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation for at least three days, but up to two weeks. Consider storing more if you live in a hot climate, have pets, or live with people who are pregnant or sick.

Home Invasions, Carjackings or Worse

As patriots, we fully embrace the 2nd Amendment, so we are all for keeping a firearm in your house for protection. Of course, we are not recommending you go to your local gun store and pick out one you like without first learning about the laws in your community and obtaining the training and coursework necessary to own and carry firearms. Once you have done your homework and purchased your gun, you will need a plan on where to keep it for times of need, ensuring that it cannot be accessible to anyone in the household who is not licensed and trained—especially little ones!

And when you’re out and about, we’re big fans of learning self-defense methods to protect against attacks, as well as carrying self-defense products such as pepper spray and stun guns. Again, you have to research what is legal where you live, and ensure you know how to use these devices in case of an emergency. There are many other nifty life-saving gadgets out there as well—we just emphasize the need to respect any self-protection tools by learning how to properly use them in the safest way possible.

The Armor of God

Ephesians 6:11 tells us to: Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.

We believe this is the ultimate protection for all of us. But there are also ways to protect yourself while on this planet. Whether you would just like to take a peek, or you’re ready for a deep dive into survival, Mammoth Nation has some excellent products to meet your needs. Check out any of these product categories to learn more: Emergency Food Supply, Survival & Prepping, Outdoor Sports & Survival , Firearms, Tactical and Self-Defense.