Are You Ready For Valentine's Day

Are You Ready For Valentine's Day? If Not, Here's A Strategy.

One of the most romantic holidays is just around the corner. But what are your plans?

As a conservative platform, we believe in the nuclear family. We encourage every husband and wife duo to do what needs to be done to preserve this love. 

Valentine's Day is one of the ways to reinforce your love. But over the years, the holiday has lost its way. It has been commercialized and has really lost its fervor. 

It's now been watered down to fighting for reservations and a feeling of an obligation to buy chocolate and roses.

If you haven't already made a reservation to your favorite restaurant, you run the risk of ending up at Applebee's or, worse yet, McDonald's. And if you do manage to get a reservation, there's a good chance it's either before 4pm or after 9pm.

But you can revive the holiday this year and bring it back to its roots- pure love. 

Instead of fighting the crowds and making a last minute drug store run for gifts, stay home and celebrate. Nothing says 'I love you' more than putting in the work to prove it. Anyone can make reservations; but real love is about proving it. 

We have everything you need to make Valentine's Day great again. Prove your love by making your favorite home cooked meal. Or take it a step further and cook the same meal you both had on your first date- that will be very special. Then finish it with a beautifully crafted dessert from Moonlight Cakes or delicious pastries from Kringles Bakery, or cookies from Spritzal Cookie Company.

Don't forget gifts. Try a fun gift from Squash Socialism, or comfortable clothing from Classy Cozy Cool or Sweet Southern Gals, or patriotic items from Domagron. And if you want to get creative and show your loved one you are keeping his or her health in mind- try Staywell Copper, they provide antimicrobial copper to keep things ultra-clean.

Remember what the holiday is truly about. It isn't about an obligation to make reservations; it's about reinforcing your love for each other.

-Mammoth Nation

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