Attention: Russia is Sending Military Ships to Cuba

No, this is not clickbait—it’s actually happening. In a recent post on X from @Andreafreedom76, we learned that four Russian military vessels, including a nuclear submarine, were to arrive in Havana, Cuba, this past Sunday, June 9. Upon further investigation, the arrival date is somewhere between June 12th and 17th. So, they’re not here quite yet, but they’re on their way.

But there is nothing to worry about. According to the Associated Press, Cuba’s foreign ministry says it’s just “historically friendly relations” and that none of these ships will be carrying nuclear weapons, assuring that their presence “does not represent a threat to the region.” The Biden administration echoed this sentiment—nothing to be worried about! Right… it’s just one nation showing another nation some love by sending over unarmed nuclear ships—perhaps an early Father’s Day gift to the Dads of Cuba.

@Andreafreedom76 included a video that includes additional information about this little friendship gift:

Here are the main points:

  1. Several ships and support vessels are expected to participate in military exercises involving the alleged transfer of hypersonic missiles and to possibly make port calls in Venezuela and Cuba.


  1. This move occurs after U.S. approval of Ukraine using NATO-supplied weapons in strikes against Russia.


  1. Putin stated that Moscow might supply weapons to certain regions to enable strikes against sensitive Western targets if Ukraine repeatedly attacks Russia with western arms.

What Else Did Russia Send?

The military vessels were not the only gifts of love from Putin. He’s also been sending over oil and food with a promise to build some lovely beachside hotels (who knew Vlad was such an altruistic guy?). Of course, Cuban officials said they’d like to have good relations with the U.S.; but they, like Russia, are under U.S. economic sanctions. In other words, if Cuba HAD to pick a nation to defend, Russia would be the clear winner. It’s a good thing our borders are secure!

Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 Or Not So Much?

As you can imagine, there are a plethora of opinions and viewpoints on this. Everything from “we’re entering WWIII” to “have some vodka and chill, man.” We can’t overlook Putin’s warning about Ukraine using U.S.-made weapons. Yes, there’s been a lot of rhetoric coming out of Moscow, but these ships are a tangible threat. U.S. officials say it is significant and they will be monitoring. There is also the school of thought that Putin is just flexing his military muscle since the U.S. leadership is probably at its all-time weakest with Biden at the helm. It’s probably best to keep a serious watch on this situation and not underestimate what could be a serious action.

It's certainly no surprise that the mainstream media continues to make light of this situation. That, in and of itself, should make your radar go up. They’ve been wrong about nearly everything in the past eight years—some say it goes back to the 1960’s, shortly after the original Cuban Missile Crisis. That it actually started with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy…. something to do with those three-letter agencies that are now being challenged by truth-seekers—and rightly so. Therefore, it is your right and duty to continue seeking the truth so that you can be prepared and to understand what your local political representatives stand for (all the way up to the Executive Branch) so that we can vote the Leftists who want to destroy our country out of office.

Follow the Truth-Tellers 

At Mammoth Nation, we are motivated to bring our readers the truth. There are many truth-tellers out there who inspire us and provide great content that we like to share with our readers. If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while, it’s probably no surprise that we are fans of Tucker Carlson and share many of his comments and videos within our blog. We admire his passion for the truth, and also his humble attitude in admitting when he got something wrong, as well as his open-mindedness to really listen to other opinions and treat everyone with respect. There are many other sources we have a deep trust in, including The Epoch Times, Turning Point USA, Blaze Media and many other content warriors on X and Truth Social who are committed to sharing the truth. (Did you know X is the number one news app in 143 countries?)


We are incredibly grateful to Elon Musk for ensuring that X is one of the last social platforms that allows free speech (and Truth Social is gaining momentum, too!). We can assure our readers that we are also committed to the First Amendment and believe it is our duty to bring truth to our Mammoth Nation community. And, when we get it wrong, we will own it—but we’re also committed to getting it right the first time!

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