Being Unvaccinated in a Covid-19 Jabbed World

Much has been exposed about the Covid-19 vaccine injured, but what does the future hold for the unvaccinated? How do they stay free of the poisonous mRNA Covid jab they’ve worked so hard to avoid and what does the future hold for them?


Why it Matters to Offspring 

An estimated thirty to forty percent of Americans were able to refuse the jab, while about a billion people worldwide did get it. We’ve already clearly established in Experts Agree Covid-19 Vaccines should be pulled off the market that they are neither safe nor effective. More information comes out daily that shows just how dangerous and toxic the mRNA vaccines are. Recently Covid-19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough discussed a study that shows just how disastrous the jab has been for mothers and babies, especially since no long-term data exists. “We have yet to witness the full spectrum of adverse effects on children born to vaccinated mothers.”


Long-term Damage to the Human Genome?

The Covid-19 vaccines could have long-term negative implications to the human race.   Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo in January called for a halt to the shots for this very real possibility. In a Tucker Carlson interview, he said, “The vaccines have DNA in them… and that’s not necessarily a big deal, but it’s a problem with these vaccines because the DNA hangs on with the mRNA and goes into people’s cells. … So, this is a completely different risk analysis than other products that have had DNA. … These vaccines are the antichrist of all products.”


When Florida asked the CDC and FDA if it had examined the DNA integration with human genome, Dr. Ladapo said it received back 10,000-page response that avoided answering the question entirely, which “leads me to conclude they haven't done it.” He went on to tell Tucker that changes to people’s DNA could cause them to become sick or to pass on altered DNA to their offspring.


Dating for the Unvaccinated 

So, if you were a young person looking to get married to someone and want to have healthy children, wouldn’t it make sense to find someone similarly unvaccinated?  That was part of the impetus behind, which bills itself as the world’s “first and largest Covid-19 unvaccinated platform since its creation in 2021 with members in 90 different countries.”

Unjected founder Shelby Hosana Thomson explains that the genesis for the service was not just about bringing couples together so they could conceive babies free of the poisonous mRNA. In an online video, she says its overall mission was to bring together like-minded people who believe in health-conscious, medical freedom whether they were looking for partners, friends or business relationships.

The site has faced many hurdles. When it launched in 2021, the left went completely bonkers, ridiculing the site on late night talk shows and in online news stories. Ultimately both Apple and Google booted the dating app stores out of their app stores for “violating guidelines” and “misinformation.” In 2022 and recently this past April, the was found to be exposing users’ personal information, according to tech trade news sites. Despite the obstacles, the site continues to grow, adding a Substack blog, podcast and posts photos of happy couples who’ve found each other through the site.


Denied Organ Transplants

It appears that the unvaccinated are still being denied organ transplants. @WallStreetApes on X, recently shared a video of American Frontline Nurse whistleblower Nicole Sirotek. “Even though the mandates have dropped, even though it’s considered the flu now, they’re still requiring it for organ transplants,” Sirotek said. She then showed a letter dated May 16, 2024, from the American Society of Transplantation and the CDC to her patient showing that they are still mandating that all lung transplant patients receive full jabs against C19 and that this person would be denied an organ unless he or she got a jab and provided documentation as proof.


Receiving Safe Blood 

Despite what the Red Cross says (and probably most of the stories you’ll find if you Google it), you can become infected with mRNA blood because it’s co-mingled the blood from vaccinated and unvaccinated. Why would you take the risk? Thankfully, Safe Blood just launched earlier this year and provides a way to provide blood free of Covid-19 mRNA or viral-vector vaccines or other injections of foreign genetic material to members all over the world.

“Currently, we are not aware of any blood banks that identify or separate the blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated donors,” Safe Blood says on its website.  “Therefore, we have established a worldwide registry that our members can utilize to locate unvaccinated donors.” For a $10 a month membership you can receive this blood.  While it doesn’t currently operate blood banks, it arranges member-to-member blood donations through existing hospitals and blood collection facilities.  


So, if you’re unvaccinated, don’t despair. Don’t cave on getting the unnecessary jab that you have successfully dodged for so long. In fact, have hope! Many of the financial incentives that doctors, businesses and colleges received to push the jabs have dried up. Of the hundreds of colleges that mandated the C-19 vaccines two years ago, only 28 remain. The truth is coming out and there is a world out there for you.