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Biden's Border Blunder!

Obama said that if we had 1000 illegal immigrants crossing our border in a single day, that’s considered a “crisis”. Now, Biden's Administration is calling 6000 illegals crossing our border daily a “situation”. See how they do that? Similarly, when Obama was President they called the area where they kept children crossing the border, “Immigration Detention Centers”. When Trump was President, they called these centers, “Cages”. Now, under Biden, they call the exact same thing, “Migrant Child Facilities”.

Part of our job here at Mammoth Nation is to educate our brainwashed liberal youth, so they can see the truth. This is a great teaching moment. America has spent the last year in lockdowns, closed businesses, no mass gatherings, and facemask mandates. According to Democrat politicians, this was because every life matters and even one death is too many. Now they are allowing multitudes of illegals to pass through our boarders unchecked and without a negative Covid test? See the obvious?

We’re still trying to recover from all the false information Fauci gave us, to get healthy and get people back to work. Why in the world would we let potentially infected illegals flow into our country like this?

Teach your children. Educate your brainwashed co-worker or neighbor. Our silence and political correctness will be the death of our great nation.

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