Climate Control Scam Running Out of Fuel

A recent episode of Tucker on “X” obliterates the climate control scam, with the help of Journalist, Michael Shellenberger, author of “Apocalypse Never.” Together, they point out the complete hypocrisy and destructive nature of this farce that is on the cusp of ‘jumping the shark.’ The tyrants and oligarchs pushing this false narrative hijacked what was once environmentalism, but now has morphed into what Tucker refers to as an “anti-human death cult.” Upon analyzing these goals and how they will impact the world, he is dead on with this moniker.

Climate Religion Leaders

Who are these powerful climate clergy? Well, all you need to is look around and see who flies into Davos on their carbon-spewing private jets. Let’s start with John Kerry—a one-time presidential candidate and now climate czar octogenarian, his fervor for taking away energy sources from humanity has become quite fired up as he gets closer to his final days. What once was somewhat veiled in ‘caring for the planet and humanity’ has now become a tyrannical command that we do as he says, or we will be doomed for eternity. He and his ‘one-foot-in-the-grave buddy, George Soros, along with King Charles and Dr. Evil…er, I mean Klaus Schwab just love rubbing their hands together and coming up with more sinister plans to control the serfs and the simple-minded idiots they believe they have the right to rule.

The World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and the United Nations promote their farcical climate agenda using propogandists like Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DeCaprio to preach to us how selfish we are by driving our gas-guzzling SUVs and mowing our grass with gas-powered lawn mowers (as Greta likes to say, “How DARE you!”) But it’s perfectly fine for them to fly their private jets to Davos several times a year. BitLux, an air charter industry service provider, posted this just a few days ago:

The typical private jet burns around 5,000 gallons of fuel per hour. That’s the equivalent of about 400 passenger cars. The average commercial jet burns about half that much.

When you consider that most private jets only fly with a handful of passengers, it’s easy to see how they can have such a large carbon footprint.

Well, if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black! These elites think they are so much smarter than us. Their luxurious lifestyle and narcissism make them completely devoid of how ridiculous they come across to the rest of the world. And just last week, over one hundred private jets flew to Dubai for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) where Kerry evangelized and ranted about how coal-fired power plants are the devil and should not be permitted anywhere in the world. That’s right, private jets for me, but no electricity for thee—you can’t make this stuff up!

Climate Cult

What is the Real Goal?

For those of you who don’t yet know, it’s all about control. These elitists want to control every aspect of your life and dictate what you can do, where you can go, what you can buy and what you can say. And they’re getting so desperate to hold onto their power, they don’t even realize that the world is waking up to this charade! It is truly reprehensible that a few billionaires think they are entitled to tell the rest of the world how to live. It’s almost a hatred of humanity—how else can you explain their goal of reducing the energy needed to power a modern civilization. These super senior citizens don’t have much of a future left, so they just don’t care what will happen if they achieve their goals.

Currently, 80% of India’s power comes from coal (up from 73% last year), and China is also up 14%. These two countries make up a third of the earth’s population. If you abolish coal power plants, more people will have to burn wood or dung to keep warm and cook their food. Over two-thirds of Indians still burn wood and dung-based fuel for cooking, leading to a million deaths a year from indoor pollution.

At this time, China and India don’t show any signs of changing their power sources. It is the responsibility of the West—namely the U.S., Europe and Australia, who have to kowtow to these masters. All in the name of equity, right? And what about natural gas and nuclear energy? These are perfect, clean solutions to burning coal…and they are infinite. The climate cult doesn’t want to consider these alternatives because they can’t control them. No—they are pushing weather-dependent energy sources (so-called renewables) that require 300 to 900 times more land than natural gas or nuclear energy. They want to keep energy resources scarce so they can control the energy markets around the world.

Michael Shellenberger explains, “The ESG movement has tried to convince the world that natural gas is bad and solar panels (made by Uighur Muslims in China) and wind turbines, which are threatening to make the North Atlantic right whale extinct in the U.S.—that those are somehow better for the environment…this movement has used political activism and pension funds to put pressure on the oil and gas industries to basically sell out their own product.” In what world does this make sense?

Environmentalism Kills

It’s interesting to note how environmentalism has transformed from caring about plants and wildlife to destroying these resources in the name of ‘saving the planet.’ As mentioned above, we’ve all seen the footage of the dead whales washing up on the east coast, but where are all the cries of outrage from the Left? Apparently, this is ok since it’s merely a casualty of setting up wind farms (not to mention that many palms have been greased to keep quiet). However, not only do they not care about killing whales, but they also believe we need to clear-cut forests because, you guessed it, trees contribute to climate change. Yes, black is white, good is bad and now the Right is more concerned about the environment than the Left. It sounds like a Dr. Seuss book that was never written.

How we Fight Back

As Shellenberger points out, there are four pillars for a modern civilization: cheap energy, meritocracy, law and order and free speech. It is not an overstatement to say we are being attacked on all fronts. Climate control is nothing more than an assault on modern civilization. And even though we’ve made strides in reducing carbon emissions (which peaked in the mid 70’s), these climate zealots won’t be happy until we are at net zero emissions, which would wipe out humanity since CO2 is essential for life on Earth; without CO2, plants will die off, and without plants, the earth's biological food chain would be terminally broken.

There is hope. People are starting to wake up and see that climate control is a scam thanks to free speech platforms like “X” and Rumble. In fact, there is a resistance rising, not just by the U.S, but also indigenous communities around the world, fighting back against these big industrial wind farms. Shellenberger believes that when these various movements find each other and see there is a common cause for a pro-human environmentalism and conservationism, they will gain momentum. Europe is already dealing with the negative impact of actions from the climate control fanatics. This cannot be sustained. The next few months are critical to amp up the resistance. Stand up against this nonsense!