Crossing Our Border Illegally Pays…Bigly

That’s a fact. Why do you think so many are crossing through the treacherous Darien Gap to get here? It’s not because they have a love or affinity to our homeland and want to become law-abiding citizens. If that were the case, they would apply for legal immigration.

It’s got to be bigger…way bigger than that; to risk life and limb, leaving your family and culture behind, sometimes going to the opposite side of the planet, for what? For those legitimately escaping political persecution, we understand the need to seek refuge. But, of the millions of illegals crossing over since the Biden Administration came to power, coming from hundreds of countries, only a small percentage can make that claim.

How Many Illegals are Too Many?

Let’s look at the numbers. We’ve seen figures anywhere from 3 million up to 10 million illegals in the U.S. under Biden’s administration.  According to the Fox News, 7.2 million illegals entered the US under Biden admin, an amount greater than the population of 36 states, which is larger than almost every American city. This is very concerning and not sustainable. Elon Musk recently tweeted:

Numbers don’t lie. This is a crisis like we have never seen in this country, and if we don’t change course soon, it will not end well. By the way, immigration is the number one concern of Americans. A recent Gallup poll provides a clear picture. Look at the jump from January to February.  This number is most likely to keep rising throughout the next months as Biden continues to offer the many perks to illegals…it’s almost like this administration cares more about them than U.S. citizens.

In Biden’s America, Illegal Border Crossers Win the Jackpot!

So, what exactly DO the illegal immigrants (now referred to as “Newcomers”) receive when they enter the U.S.? Howie Carr, writer and radio host, recently assembled the following data from multiple sources:


Free hotel rooms at $150+ a day.

Three meals a day at $64 per person per diem.

Free on-site medical & dental services (including condoms).

Special diet for Ramadan.

Free same-day dry cleaning w/free pick up & delivery.

Free housekeeping twice a week.

Free cell phones, chargers/charging ports.

Free tablets, IPads.

Free clothing, new & used.

Everyone got a new free winter coat, gloves and shoes.

Free toiletries (toothpaste, deodorant, special “ethnic” shampoos, skin cream, aspirin, tooth brushes, feminine products).

But that’s not all! That’s right, these lucky illegals also receive free tax preparation at $350 per family to get big returns through the "child tax credit" without paying a penny into the system. They also get free attorneys, free Medicaid, free WIC cash for single moms on the go, welfare checks, free Uber services, holiday parties, movie nights at the hotel, free notary services, free English-as-a-second-language courses, 24/7 security, and the list goes on.

But wait! There’s even more. On moving day when they finally leave the free hotel, if it ever happens, they get $30,000 in rent assistance for two years, free luggage, free U-Haul boxes, free new beds with free delivery, up to ten items of free furniture, a free "move-in package” (plates, towels, cutlery, etc.) Up to $900. And by the way, NYC just began handing out pre-paid debit cards to illegals. The cards will be loaded with $1,400 per month and it will cost city taxpayers $53 million!

Sharing the Wealth

And of course, the “Newcomers” are letting the folks back at home know about these lavish freebies, enticing even more illegal border crossers into the land of milk and honey.  They’re even on Tik Tok and other social media sharing with their followers how to come to America and get FREE stuff! Here’s a great example of one freeloading migrant influencer who mocks U.S. taxpayers who “work like slaves” while waving cash in front of the camera. He also shares key tips in his native language on how to squat due to lenient housing laws. It’s out of control!

And just look at his latest self-help video for fellow illegals. Of course, this altruistic knowledge-sharing guru only has one caveat—that is to make sure his viewers vote for “Daddy Biden.”

This is happening in real time and is so incredibly warped when you consider all the homeless Veterans and other American citizens who are living in the streets.  And for those of us who are trying to make an honest living, this is a complete slap in the face when you factor in Bidenomics and the rising cost of just about everything.

And the last straw? The Gateway Pundit just reported that Biden is secretly considering granting amnesty and giving green cards to millions of illegals.

“According to Politico, similar to Obama’s DACA program, Biden is deciding whether to give the massive group of illegals green cards.

The Democrats are losing the black and Latino voters so they are fiercely working to lock in a new voting bloc.”

Vote For Your Life!

This is a flagrant attempt to placate voter concerns about the border crisis, without really addressing how to fix it, but rather, creating even more tax burdens for the lawful abiding citizens. Our government hates us and thinks we’re stupid. Remember that at the ballot box, and vote for serious candidates who actually care about our country and are motivated to maintain our values for future generations.