DEI Must DIE – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on Life Support

Elon Musk has a sharp wit—whether it’s his alone or he gets a little help from GROK (his AI assistant), we can’t say for sure; however, he definitely has a way to attract attention from his extremely smart and succinct tweets on “X.” He recently posted the following:

“DEI must DIE”

It’s a stunning wordplay of an acronym that represents one of the most anti-American, regressive belief systems and business practice that has taken our country by storm. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is actually the inverse of what Martin Luther King Jr. had fought so valiantly for—his dream that one day people will be judged by the content of their character—not the color of their skin. Wasn’t that the goal of Civil Rights? How did this happen?

Corporate DEI Compliance

In an effort to provide more opportunity to “marginal” groups identified by race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and other segmenting attributes, businesses have been pressured to hire and promote certain quotas based on these measures alone. So, if you happen to be a white male who worked hard in school and achieved good grades and accomplished or even exceeded the goals set by the company you work for, you may be overlooked for a promotion due to your “whiteness.” You read that correctly—and, at its core, it is a form of racism in the guise of DEI.

James O’Keefe of OMG (O’Keefe Media Group) recently published a video of an IBM meeting in which the president, Arvind Krishna, clearly states that his management staff will only receive a bonus based on their diversity hires (which does NOT include Asians because “there are already enough Asians in the Tech industry”). Just watch this leaked video sent to O’Keefe from an IBE whistleblower of an internal meeting with Krishna:

It’s hard to wrap your head around this blatant form of racism that so many companies are adopting. Tucker Carlson calls it “racial fascism” and prefaces the above video as the IBM president telling his employees to hire fewer white men or they will be punished—their pay will be cut. He points out that Arvind Krishna is a U.S. immigrant who has become extremely successful in a country that is based on a system of meritocracy—so how could he wind up supporting racial fascism?

Conservative Nerds posted IBM’s “Emb(race) Pledge” that every employee is encouraged to take. Here is their post with additional explanation.

“What does an "Ally" (with a capital "A") mean according to IBM?

We have learned, through previous previous leaks, that a core part of being an "Ally" is embracing an anti-White viewpoint -- including the concept that "only WHITE people are racist" and that "[White people] are the oppressors because we feed and thrive on power at the expense of other races". (Again, this is according to IBM.)

Here, IBM is asking their employees to take a pledge to not just agree with that viewpoint... but to actively promote it.

This is, effectively, IBM telling their employees to take an "Anti-White Pledge".

Unfortunately, IBM is not the only major company embracing DEI. There is another acronym that is forcing this practice. It’s called ESG.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

What exactly is ESG? ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it refers to a set of criteria used by investors and organizations to evaluate a company's performance and impact in these three key areas. ESG factors are considered non-financial indicators that provide insights into how well a company aligns with sustainability and ethical principles. The goal of considering ESG criteria is to assess the long-term sustainability and ethical impact of an investment or business decision.

Interestingly, one of the key factors of ESG is compliance with laws and ethical standards in business operations. Racial fascism certainly is not ethical, but is it even legal?  According to Stephen Miller, founder of America First Legal, DEI is racism, and it is illegal. His firm is fighting this form of discrimination, and he invites victims of DEI to contact him immediately. Here is an overview of some of the cases they are working on:

America First Legal goes as far as soliciting employees of different companies known to hurt workers through their DEI practices. Their website includes a hotline, “Are you the victim of “Wokeism,” Equity, or Discriminatory Treatment? —contact us now.” Here is their pledge:

America First Legal is a civil rights organization, committed to defending the principle of FULL EQUALITY under the law. We will not tolerate the conversion of our workplaces into Marxist propaganda centers. We will not permit our schools to become training grounds for radical race-and-gender-based ideology. We will not allow a new segregation, separatism, and destructive racial essentialism to corrupt our civic institutions. We will not watch from the sidelines as our government agencies – local, state, or federal – determine eligibility for government aid, relief, protection, or support on the basis of skin color, sex, or other protected trait. We will not let “equity” replace “equality” or let “woke” replace truth, justice, reason, sanity, and basic human dignity. We will expose and fight this systemic rot of our country, our institutions, and our culture.

Thank God for knowledgeable and passionate justice warriors like Stephen Miller, fighting for our freedom so that Americans can thrive and achieve our goals through merit rather than suffer discrimination due to incontrovertible physical attributes. Is it plausible to ponder that perhaps DEI has helped to fuel the trans movement? Recall the shop teacher in Canada with the prosthetic breasts—maybe his intent was to point out the ridiculousness of anti-white male discrimination?  Probably not, but in our current environment of absurdity, this wouldn’t necessarily shock us.

We’ll leave you with this recent tweet exchange between Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. Elon tweeted that DEI is literally discrimination to which Cuban replied:

Drop the mic, Elon!