Erasing Our Race

It’s happened before throughout our history. Many genocides were carried out with the goal of wiping out entire races and ethnicities— “ethnic cleansing” is what they called it. But those eras are far gone. That could never happen in current times because we’ve come so far in our intelligence and compassion for humanity, right? Bzzzt—go back three spaces!

Conversely, it does still happen, even in a highly connected world where there are cameras literally everywhere (except where tyrants and communists take great lengths to hide their dirty deeds). It’s happening in China with the Uyghur population, a mostly Muslim, Turkish-speaking ethnic group in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. The Chinese government has imprisoned more than one million Uyghurs since 2017 and subjected those not detained to intense surveillance, religious restrictions, forced labor, and forced sterilizations. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, The United States determined that China’s actions constitute genocide, while a UN report said they could amount to crimes against humanity.

A Call for White Genocide?

There is also great concern about the call for white genocide in South Africa. Julius Malema, leader of South Africa's left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, has faced criticism after singing a controversial chant that native South Africans sang during the fight against apartheid. The song “Kill the Boer”, which means “kill the farmer” in Dutch, is one of many battle cries of the anti-apartheid movement that remain a defining feature of the country’s political culture. An article in the NY Times quoted Nomalanga Mkhize, a historian at Nelson Mandela University:

“Young people feel that it rouses them up when they sing it today. I don’t think that they intend it to mean any harm.”

The article goes on to point out that John Steenhuisen, the white leader of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s main opposition party, filed charges against Mr. Malema at the United Nations Human Rights Council and claimed that “brutal farm murders continue to escalate in the wake of Malema’s demagoguery.”

South African-born Elon Musk isn’t buying Mkhize’s ‘boys-will-be-boys’ soft-serve rationalization of this frenzied anthem, frequently posting on X about Malema’s call to white genocide. He just recently posted the following:

Screenshot of tweet from elon musk about Malema's call to white genocide

Ok, but that’s China and South Africa, you say. This could never happen in the United States of America! But there are signs that are pointing to an underlying psychological operation to eliminate “whiteness.” Remember the Critical Race Theory that public schools began incorporating into their curriculum? The idea that

“…Any given culture constructs its own social reality in its own self-interest, and in the United States, this means that minorities’ interests are subservient to the system’s self-interest; and that the current system, built by and for white elites, will tolerate and encourage racial progress for minorities only if this promotes the majority’s self-interest.”

DEI and Trying to be Less White

This thought process exploded in 2018 when author Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility hit the bookshelves. Schools began more openly propagating the notion that white people are by nature colonizers and solely responsible for all of slavery and, therefore, should have to pay reparations and repent for the sins of their ancestors. This began to morph into demonizing “whiteness” and helped create the perfect onramp for DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) to infect the workplace with a completely inverted structure of promoting and rewarding individuals based on their immutable, physical characteristics as opposed to merit and hard work. Remember when Coca-Cola was busted for its “try to be less white” campaign? And, more recently, James O’Keefe’s stunning investigation of IBM, catching them red-handed on their policy to reward higher bonuses to their managers who hire minorities or ‘marginalized’ employees.

We are all seeing the negative impacts of this thought virus as more and more companies are eliminating their DEI initiatives as the results are affecting their bottom line. (We still have a long way to go, as witnessed at the recent DEI hires in major airlines and other institutions that are sacrificing excellence and safety over trendy, unproven liberal practices. And, by the way, this is the exact opposite end goal that Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed for and fought so hard to achieve for all of humanity.)

Artificial Intelligence OR Artificial Information?

It seems the groundwork has been laid to begin an anti-white campaign in the United States. So, how could you amplify this to an even greater degree? Well, anyone doing a search on Google in recent times has already seen the impact of biased results, sometimes having to go to the next page to find differing opinions on a variety of subjects. We get it—Google is very left-leaning and prone to promoting propaganda, as nearly all the mainstream media does. But what happens when you bring Artificial Intelligence into the picture? Well, see for yourself from these recent posts on X:

Screenshot of Sean Davis Tweet on Google's AI and the answer to the question: whiteness should be eliminated

Screenshot of Catturd Tweet on Why Google Hates White People

Screenshot of Elon Musk Tweet on the woke mind virus is killing Western Civilization

So, it looks like Google’s AI program, Gemini, is already rewriting our history. This is truly disturbing on many levels. We already know our schools aren’t teaching actual history, but now when our kids try to learn online, they’ll be gaslit to the point of no return. This is actually a form of brainwashing, which is a common tactic used by Marxists and Leftists to rewrite history to fit their narrative. It’s one thing to create an epic masterpiece like “Hamilton”, which used a diverse cast to re-enact and dramatize our founding fathers’ story as a form of entertainment; however, the above New York Post cover story is outright false information. It’s already infiltrated woke Hollywood, by taking liberties to change the race of historical figures as they please, but this is downright “disinformation,” wouldn’t you agree?

Is this the beginning of an ultimate nefarious plot to try and erase white Americans? We’re not perfect, but no one race is. Since the beginning of time, humanity has been driven to war and conquering territories for the sake of gaining power and imposing their will on others. If you are a human, you have this in your DNA, regardless of color or ethnicity. All races have been born from our Creator and equally share the original sin of Adam and Eve. Humanity is our species, and what separates us from all other lifeforms is free will—the choice to do what is good or evil. There is not one race that has superiority over another, and we can never change our history (even though Google AI may try). We need to start accepting hard facts and teaching future generations about our mistakes so they can learn from them and continue a movement in the direction of light.

You don’t have to waste your time with their woke AI nonsense. There are other options, and many folks are hoping Elon Musk creates his own “unwoke” search engine. He’s already introduced Grok, his AI tool (which, to our delight, is peppered with Elon’s fun sense of humor). There are other search engines you can use right now as well, such as DuckDuckGo, and we just started exploring Brave.

We must do whatever we can now, before it’s too late, to destroy these negative forces to ensure a safe and free future for our children and generations to come.

“God loves all the different people, all the people of the world.”