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Fauci is a Liar

Rand Paul made it clear that Fauci is obviously trying to deceive us. Is Fauci being paid from one or multiple sources to continue to instill fear in the American People, and throughout the world? Once people start to feel safe, they introduce “The Variant” to up the stakes so they can keep control over us.

Masks are a tool. The Media is a tool. Let’s stop letting them use these tools to convince and control us. On average, more than 7,500 people die in the U.S. every day from various causes. That’s over 2.8 million per year. If you attach Covid to many of those deaths and broadcast it every minute of every day on almost every channel, it makes people think the world is coming to an end.

Florida, Texas, and South Dakota have the least amount of restrictions, while simultaneously having some of the lowest Covid related issues. Does that tell you anything, like maybe it’s all a big lie? Conservatives in blue states need to confront politicians on the state and local level. Let’s end this charade now.

See Rand Paul confront Fauci over mask mandates here:

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