Anyone who was surprised by President Trump’s “Guilty” verdict on Thursday, May 30, 2024 (America's Darkest Day) isn’t watching closely enough. For some of us, this was no surprise at all.  It’s like watching a movie where the outcome is prewritten and inevitable. It was the very definition of a Kangaroo Court. All the players were there, including the totally compromised prosecutor, judge, and most of the jury.  When there was any doubt or question as to the outcome, the compromised judge simply changed the rules.

Make no mistake, this is just another in a very long line of Trump smear tactics that we’ve been watching occur over and over again for years now. Naturally, immediately after, and forever more, we’ll be seeing every media outlet in the world show the least attractive picture of President Trump with the headline “GUILTY” or “CONVICTED” plastered over it or next to it for all to see. That’s the point. 

In case there are still some of you out there who are unfamiliar with how smear campaigns work, I urge you to watch Michael Mann’s, “The Insider,” with Al Pacino, Russell Crow, Christopher Plummer, and others. The movie is essentially about Big Tobacco whistleblower Jeffery Wigand, played by Russell Crow. Jeff Wigand had a story to tell about how Big Tobacco was spiking their cigarettes to make them more addictive, and 60 Minutes wanted to air it. (I’m assuming this is when CBS and 60 Minutes actually practiced some truth in journalism). Anyway, the executives at the cigarette manufacturer where Mr. Wigand used to work didn’t want this information to ever see the light of day, so they started a massive disinformation and smear campaign about Jeff because he wanted to tell the truth.

Fast forward to today, and you’ve got a massive smear campaign against Trump using an enormous network of media outlets and talking heads who are run by the same people who are running our current government. I’m not talking about Biden, either. Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you know that Biden couldn’t run a toaster. We’re talking about the elite powers that are using politics to divide us little lowlife idiot deplorables. Oh, and by the way, if Trump is guilty of this newly created, manufactured law used to frame him, then there’s a long line of people that should be immediately prosecuted alongside him.  

We honestly hope this will finally be a wake-up call for those who still can’t see what’s actually going on in our country. The media is smearing President Trump with all their might because they’re owned by the tyrannical powers that are working non-stop to destroy America. The more truth Trump tells, the worse it is for them. Trump is defending America, that’s why they don't want him to speak or ever be President again. Same reason he was deplatformed by Facebook and Twitter (pre-Elon).  Why did almost every news network in America become so anti-Trump when he was doing nothing but good for our country? (Secure borders, no wars, record low unemployment, low gas prices, low food prices, lower taxes, and so much more.) Yet they painted him as some kind of sadistic dictator. The very thing that’s in power now. Just another total flip.

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