Heat Wave ≠ Climate Change

The Real Motivation for Climate Change Indoctrination

Unless you live in Alaska, chances are you have experienced some very hot temperatures recently. For the U.S. July is the hottest month of the year. If you blend the warmest day of the year for every location in the Lower 48, July 26 is the average hottest date for the nation. So, it’s not unusual to be experiencing some of the highest temperatures of the year—some places well into the triple digits.

However, what you CANNOT conclude is that this is a result of “climate change” that the elites are promoting to help destroy the middle class and our way of life. Is our climate the same exact temperature every day of the year? Of course not! There is variability, and some years are warmer/colder than others. Is this due to ‘evil man’s’ use of fossil fuels such as gas stoves or home generators? Or a result of methane gas produced by cattle and pets? Well, that is what the globalists and climate-change religious disciples want you to believe, but let’s “follow the science” to understand what is really going on here.

In a recent video posted by Wide Awake Media, Geologist Professor Ian Plimer blows the “human-induced climate change” myth completely out of the water. He explains that we are actually in a very ‘boring time’ in terms of a period of extinction. We are in an interglacial period, which produces a warmer climate. [Wikipedia states: An interglacial period is a geological interval of warmer global average temperature lasting thousands of years that separates consecutive glacial periods within an ice age.]

Professor Plimer goes on to explain,

“Changes in climate are driven by that great ball of heat in the sky, which we call ‘the Sun’. A trace gas (CO2) has nothing to do with our climate…If we get further away from the Sun, it gets cooler, and if we get closer to the Sun, it gets warmer. No legislation from the UN can change the orbit of the Earth.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhnyVJSdohs

Scottish broadcaster, Neil Oliver also pushes back on the mainstream media’s relentless climate-change fear mongering with additional common-sense science that refutes their ridiculous claim. He states,

“A rising volume of CO2 in the atmosphere is a consequence of a warming planet, not the cause of one. You might as well watch a horse-drawn cart and conclude it’s the cart pushing the horse. And notice too that CO2, by boosting plant growth, turns the planet fertile green, not angry red.”

Check out his full monologue here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvvBp25eh0U The Scottish accent is a bonus!

Recently, climate change hysteria has been extremely prominent in Canada as well as the U.S. The recent major wildfires (which have radiated an almost ominous haze across the country, causing many Americans to experience poor air quality) are being used as “evidence” to compel provinces to sign onto Trudeau’s “Carbon/Climate Change” treaty (Leaders in Nova Scotia and Quebec refused to sign). Teams of retired firefighters in Nova Scotia requested permission to help battle the largest wildfires in their history but were refused, even after the Premier publicly announced that “the government was doing everything they possibly could to help extinguish the wildfires.” Unfortunately, these fires will ultimately help usher in the “green” agenda for Canada.

Concerned Canadian Youtuber, Bill Bullerwell, posted the following along with the video of the retired Forest Technologist from The Department of Natural Resources referred to above.

“Climate change hysteria is being promulgated nonstop in my Country of Canada and the propaganda machine is in full swing. The only hope my government is promoting is through the communist WEF (World Economic Forum) ‘Great Global Reset initiatives and United Nations’ Agenda 30 goals. I can only imagine the same thing is happening in the USA as well. This is the plan for Canada that is being shoe-horned under the guise of ‘social justice’ and ‘climate change’ action.”

#1 Abolish sovereignty by signing Canada’s autonomy over to unelected globalist groups like the WEF and United Nations.

#2 Promote climate change hysteria to help destroy capitalism and promote the Great Global Reset.

#3 Achieve the 2030 UN global objectives (SDG’s)

#4 Destroy the oil industry and energy sector.

#5 Get people out of wilderness areas, off rural land and into more urban settings where they are more easily controlled and surveilled.

#6 Promote wealth redistribution, sending billions to United Nations and WEF sponsored project Countries. (Ukraine being the first).

#7 Get total control of food production, destroying the current farming industry.

#8 Blackmail corporation’s and businesses into promoting left-wing ideology through social standards like ESG’s, Stakeholder “capitalism” and DEI metrics.

#9 Introduce economic measures to compel individual citizens to adopt leftwing causes like CBDC’s, Blockchain Banking.

#10 Create as much dependency on the government as possible.

#11 Attack traditional family values and Christian principles.

#12 Change our current understanding of traditional standards, social norms, while creating as much division among citizens as possible.

#13 Foment as much race warfare and social strife between financial classes as possible.

#14 Push current national debt to unmanageable levels.

#15 Allow for massive waves of undocumented immigration. Keep them voting liberal.

It is the job of every free-speaking and critical-thinking American to push back and say “NO” to these agenda items before it’s too late!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5o28tULm1k