Hollyweird Activism: Has Robert DeNiro Jumped the Shark?

 “You talkin’ to me?” (in his best New York accent) 

“Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.” 

Two iconic lines from two very popular movies. Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. Both lines spoken by the same famous Hollywood actor, Robert DeNiro. We’ve all seen at least one of his many successful films, several of which have become Oscar-winning classics. Love him or hate him, he has definitely mastered the portrayal of the East Coast mafia crime boss like no other.  

But now he’s onto a new role—that of a political shill for the worst president in history, Joe Biden. Whether it’s a rage-filled soliloquy about the “evil Donald Trump” or an unscripted, expletive-laced retort to a heckler who smartly pointed out his insane lies and inaccuracies, DeNiro’s on a downward trajectory. In either instance, his new gig is a far cry from the highly respected film roles he used to get—roles that most Hollywood actors would have happily fed their own mother to blood-thirsty zombies to win the part. How did this once highly respected Oscar-winning actor fall so far from grace? 

Let’s Analyze This!

Is DeNiro just so jealous of the amount of limelight President Trump receives that he has to insert himself into the story? Or is his Trump Derangement Syndrome so advanced that he is in the final stages, which include transitioning into a total moron and making a fool of himself in public? Or has he been hijacked by criminal Democrats and forced to make these demented rants on cue—or else suffer the humiliation and possible legal consequences of the dirty little secrets and video evidence of his real-life exploits that they just happen to have on file… so they can dust off for a time such as this? Or maybe it’s a little bit of all these possible scenarios. 

Let’s face it, most Hollywood actors suffer from at least minimal symptoms of narcissism. When it comes to politics and entertainment, an inflated ego helps you get ahead. So, there’s that. 

And, of course, since the Leftists “own” media and culture, movie actors and celebrities must bow down to their Marxist masters, then regurgitate their lies and preferred narratives. That alone almost negates the plausibility of high-profile entertainers actually having the ability to think critically and derive an opinion counter to the latest sanctioned ideologies pushed out to the public. Plus, being the uber individualistic, bohemian, free-thinking artists they love to portray themselves as, they wouldn’t be caught dead considering ideas based on plain old common sense or pray-tell, wholesome or traditional values—especially if these ideas are popular among simple folk living in flyover country.  

No, no, no. They have to push the envelope with progressive movements so their fans can see how brave they are in fighting for a new gender or the inclusion and coddling of violent criminals…because we need to be tolerant of everyone—even those trying to plunge an ice pick in our necks. Get it now? 

So, aside from the narcissism, Robert DeNiro could actually have even more motivation to be anti-Trump. The actor has long-standing relationships with some sketchy, notorious characters with links to pedophilia and other crimes. Longtime buddy, director Roman Polanski, was actually convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl. DeNiro has also chummed around with his latest pedo-creep, Sean Diddy Combs. And of course, his name is on the flight log to Epstein Island. Could it be that the Dems have tangible evidence of DeNiro’s participation, so now he’s being blackmailed to act as a famous anti-Trump mouthpiece whenever summoned by the Biden administration? You have to admit, this is not a longshot hypothesis to arrive at. Of course, it is speculation, and “innocent until proven guilty” still applies to the elites. (There’s a lot of information floating on X if you want to dig into this any deeper.) 

Now, Let’s Analyze That!

So, we’ve explored the potential reasons for DeNiro’s anti-Trump publicity stunts. But, do they work? One might think assigning one of Hollywood’s leading actors to lead the charge of vilifying and lying about our 45th U.S. President could do some damage, right? Well, it appears DeNiro’s best days are way behind him, and he’s coming across as feeble and ill-equipped to actually be effective. As a matter of fact, if he has to go off-script, it’s almost as painful as watching Joe Biden try to answer a question without a teleprompter. When confronted by hecklers dropping truth bombs, DeNiro doesn’t know what to say, so he reacts emotionally with stupid remarks including “I don’t even know what to do with you!” You sure told him, Bobby! 

If anything, he is just creating more contempt for entertainers who get political and think they can “act” their way to winning hearts and minds. It doesn’t work that way. This is a huge reason Donald Trump’s popularity continues to rise—because he is authentic and he is fighting for all Americans. Remember, he didn’t need any of this. He could be living the billionaire lifestyle, never working another day in his life. But he loves this country and is willing to risk everything to keep America free. This is so refreshing to the American people at a time when most members of Congress start out with a decent salary but end up multi-millionaires after they’ve served for a short time. This is a uniparty phenomenon—not just the Dems. Donald Trump is the only U.S. president whose worth actually went down while he was in office.  

Cry Baby or Mook…or Both?

Perhaps this recent piece of art best depicts how patriots see Donald Trump and Robert DeNiro. Artist, Scott LoBaido recently unveiled his masterpiece entitled “Cry Baby.”  

Not even 24 hours later, this was posted (so now you can get your very own print):

There has been other backlash against DeNiro, even a major loss of a lucrative role in a Kevin Costner production. Check out this post shared by @Sassafrass_84

Perhaps Costner is suffering from DDS (DeNiro Derangement Syndrome)? This may become even more contagious than TDS!  

So not only is DeNiro a “cry baby,” but one of his hecklers recently called him a “mook.” Not familiar with that word, we looked it up. Merriam-Webster defines “mook” as: 


: a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person 

Seems about right. And, clearly, Bobby chose being “a schmuck for a lifetime.”