Is Bird Flu Another Monkeypox Hoax?

Just in time for the November presidential election, government health organizations are furiously cranking up the propaganda machine with hysteria about the latest pandemic threat—bird influenza! Here’s a small sampling of headlines from the last week: from CNN, “Bird flu is rampant in animals. Humans ignore it at our own peril,” from Scientific America, “The Dairy Industry Must Act Faster to Keep H5N1 from Starting a Human Epidemic,” and from Fortune, “No one wants another pandemic—but bird flu has already flown the coop.”


Here are the Facts about Bird Flu 


One might ask, is this another overblown monkeypox virus hoax, or is it attention-worthy? Here’s what we know so far: Bird flu has been around for more than 100 years and is not a big threat to humans or to animals, for that matter, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, who called out the B.S. behind the Covid pandemic. McCullough recently told Michelle Backus on Real America’s Voice that there's going to be an overhyped threat to both human and veterinary health. “I can tell you we haven't had a single death in the United States of a person from bird flu.” He went on to say that you don't see large numbers of migratory water birds or poultry or cattle dying from the disease. “So, we need to stop intentionally culling or killing healthy animals, which is being promoted by agriculture directors,” McCullough said. “We need to stop mass PCR testing of the animals by government officials … And then, under no circumstances, should we vaccinate the animals or humans for bird flu.”


W.H.O. Caught Lying 

This hasn’t stopped the World Health Organization from using its typical tactics. Last week, it put out a press release claiming that a man died of the bird flu in Mexico. The legacy media immediately took the news and threw it up as front-page news. Soon after, Jorge Alcocer, Health Secretary of Mexico, publicly called them out on the lie. “I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad…since it speaks of a fatal case of ‘Bird Flu’ which was NOT the case…” In fact, the individual had been bed-ridden for two weeks, died of chronic disease and happened to test positive for a PCR test before he died. Sound familiar? The W.H.O. had to hold a press conference retracting its report, but few in the legacy media cared to issue retractions to their stories.


CDC Avian Flu Dashboard like a ‘Sand Trap for Hypochondriacs’

Meanwhile, while the CDC says bird flu is still a “low risk” and it’s monitoring people working in proximity to animals, the avian flu page on its website is full of fearmongering. It has definite Covid-dashboard vibes. It’s like a sand trap waiting for hypochondriacs to stumble upon. Headlines with statistics designed to scare the uneducated include “detected avian flu in 48 states and in dairy cow herds in over nine states,” and “it’s one of the worst outbreaks in recent history.” The dashboard, which is updated daily, reports two cases of dairy workers sickened by the bird flu, along with the number of infected wild birds, poultry and cows. Of the many avian flu symptoms it describes, “no symptoms” is listed as a symptom. There’s even a page on which the CDC gives in-depth instructions on how to prevent your precious pets from catching the exceedingly rare disease and dying. 


Vaccines Already in Production

And in another move mirroring Covid, the vaccines are already on their way! Reuters reported this week that the EU was set to sign a contract for more than 40 million doses of a preventative avian flu vaccine for 15 countries. On May 30, the U.S. HHS Administration for Preparedness and Response stated that it had ordered the production of nearly 5 million doses of the H5N1 mRNA vaccine through its Strategic National Stockpile. It claimed this was an important move to prepare the population in case of increased animal-to-human or human-to-human spread. Moderna, which is in trials with the vaccine right now, stands to make tens of millions of dollars.


What’s Really Driving this? 


McCullough thinks the effort is partly to sell vaccines. (This fall, the CDC will be recommending the 10th Covid shot for anyone crazy enough to still want one and the 13th for those who are immunocompromised.) Add the Avian Flu mRNA vaccine to the mix as soon as it’s out of trials. However, because so many people have woken up to the danger of the jabs, he views an attack on the American food supply as the greater threat. In April, Cal-Maine Foods, the largest supplier of eggs in the country, stopped production after some of its chickens tested positive for avian flu. The company went on to slaughter 1.6 million hens and 337,000 pullets (young hens). For this reason, McCullough is discouraging all PCR tests, which notoriously give off false readings, as well as vaccines for humans or animals.

And, of course, the timing of this hysteria isn’t a coincidence. Just this week, @LeadingReport on X reported, “House Committee Report finds former Fauci-led department concealed plans to create a mutant monkeypox virus in 2015.” Evidence of the government funding gain-of-function research continues to pile up.


The flurry of attention over the avian flu can only be seen as a political ploy to sow chaos and interfere with the upcoming election. As we all know by now, pandemics pave the way for ignoring voting laws and regulations! We must continue to fight back and expose the truth. Keep your hands off us, and our chickens, cows and pets, too!