July As 'American Pride’ Month is Picking Up Steam

A Texas Republican has introduced legislation to designate July as “American Pride Month” to counter woke culture, and it's spreading nationwide. Wesley Hunt, a Republican representative from Texas, recently introduced a patriotic resolution to officially recognize and celebrate our pride in being a citizen of the greatest country on earth - The United States of America.

The move comes after the nation has been force-feeding woke cultures from the LGBTQ community to the rest of the country during June, known as Gay Pride Month. Countless Gay Pride parades, drag shows, and morally and ethically questionable get-togethers have been splashed over social media last month, further corrupting our children's innocence. But now, many patriotic Americans feel not enough is being done to celebrate American Pride, like Rep. Wesley Hunt from Texas.

And he's right.

Rep. Wesley Hunt. Image courtesy of hunt.house.gov 
Not enough is being done. But the good news is that many patriotic Americans support the idea of July as American Pride month. But Rep. Hunt wants more than to celebrate American Pride; he wants to challenge woke-ness. "If the Biden White House, woke corporations, and the media can spend an entire month celebrating '"PRIDE,' then we can dedicate the entire month of our nation's birth to celebrate American Pride." Rep. Hunt said in a press release. He continued, "My family and I served this nation in combat. American exceptionalism means something to me, and I want it to mean something again to future generations of Americans. American history is worth teaching, it's worth celebrating, and it's worth remembering. I'm urging my colleagues on both sides to enthusiastically support this Resolution."

Rep. Hunt is encouraging every American to celebrate American Pride. He committed himself to posting daily social media content under #AmericanPrideMonth, hoping other patriotic Americans would follow suit and show support.

And it's working.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy W. Giuliani has mentioned #AmericanPrideMonth on his social media pages. And Daniel Cameron, the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for Kentucky Governor, also mentioned American Pride Month on his social media. In fact, he took it a step further.

"When I'm Governor, I'll designate the entire month of Jule as 'American Pride Month.' We will celebrate America, its Founding Fathers, and the core pillars of freedom, liberty, and democracy all month long. America is fundamentally a force for good in the world…" Cameron wrote on Twitter.

You don't need to wait for the government to officially make July American Pride month. Get out there, wave your flags around, and take pride in our great country, as everyone should.

- Mammoth Nation