“Lady Ballers” Makes Comedies Great Again

“Winners are just losers who win sometimes.”

Finally…a truly funny movie that doesn’t kowtow to the CCP or virtue signal to the ridiculous lefty lunatic fringe. The Daily Wire is applying a new tactic to overcome the unbalanced leftist monopoly on our culture, and it’s a winning strategy. They have produced a full-length feature film that is actually funny. It’s called Lady Ballers, and it’s a breath of fresh air in poking fun of the ridiculous cultural norms being forcefed to people with half a brain—specifically, the absurd position to allow biological men to compete in women’s sports. (How the heck did we even get here?)

This movie faces head-on the issues that have arisen due to appeasing a tiny minority of biological men who believe they are woman trapped in a man’s body (oh, that’s right…like the dude who dresses up like a woman playing the part of our nation’s Assistant Secretary for Health, or that other guy who stole women’s luggage and dressed in their designer ensembles and pranced around as a top Energy Department Official). This phenomenon has only recently been upgraded from a mental illness to a lifestyle choice. (In 2012, The American Psychiatric Association has revised its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and it no longer lists being transgender as a mental disorder.). And all of us who believe in the science that shows there are two genders which cannot magically change on a whim, are forced to go along with the fairy tale that ‘transgender women are women.’ Of course, it gets even crazier since now a Supreme Court Justice can’t even define what a woman is. This seems like a comedy in and of itself! But, back to the movie…

Movie Storyline

The “Lady Ballers” story begins with a once-winning high school football coach currently dealing with a totally apathetic team that is more interested in looking at their smartphones than actually winning a game. Separated from his wife, jobless, and demoralized, he seeks new employment at a ‘drag waitress’ club and ends up bumping into one of his athletes on his winning team from fifteen years ago. They inadvertently enter the athlete into a women’s sporting event, where he obviously wins by a landslide. An ambitious female journalist witnesses the event and sees great opportunity for parlaying this into a huge story for her to make a name for herself. She seduces the coach, which sets into motion the rounding up the rest of the winning team, ultimately becoming the “Lady Ballers” women’s basketball team.

Without giving away where this ends up, there are many extremely funny moments that arise, and a cast of characters worthy of any Ben Stiller comedy. In fact, it had shades of “Dodgeball,” one of Stiller’s funniest ensemble cast movies that many of us enjoyed with all of its irreverence and absurdity—you know, the kind of movies we enjoyed before the ‘woke’era of Hollywood that we are currently enduring. It’s important to note that the genre of comedy films is close to an extinct species. In 2003, comedies composed 21 percent of the film releases, by 2020, it was down to 3.8 percent, only rising to about 6 percent, and most if not all of those are woke releases.

It is so exhilarating to see this form of backlash, proving that there are other options to the CCP-sanctioned, repetitive garbage coming from Hollywood these days. The Daily Wire is on to something here, and we are here for it!

The Force Behind the Film

So, who is the brainchild behind this comedic tour-de-force? None other than The Daily Wire co-founder, Jeremy Boreing, who is also a writer and filmmaker, and directed and starred in “Lady Ballers.” Jeremy Boreing, Brian A. Hoffman, and Nick Sheehan were the creative heads who contributed to the movie as writers. You might remember Mr. Boreing from Jeremy’s Razors—and in case you’ve never seen this hilarious ad that bashes “Harry’s Razors” for dropping their advertising on the Daily Wire due to ‘values misalignment,’ you’re in for a treat:

So, it’s clear the aptitude for humor and production value Mr. Boreing brings to the table. His biting sarcasm, satire skills and natural lampooning talents are a force to be reckoned with. If Stiller wasn’t so entrenched in Hollywood wokeness, just imagine the kind of film the two of them could create—it’s just a shame we have to be divided, even when it comes to humor.

Cast and Cameos

Although Jeremy Boreing plays the lead character, the supporting cast is very strong—and, they are all relatively unknown actors who now have some recognition. We hope this is a trend and will help start careers for other talented actors who were unable to find opportunities that were recently monopolized by the Hollywood groupthink left. Thanks to The Daily Wire, Angel Studios and other independent media outlets, there are opportunities for folks in the entertainment industry who don’t want to sell their souls. Thanks to “Lady Ballers” we’ve been introduced to actors and comedians like Tyler Fisher, who played the wannabe towel boy who finally gets his chance to play in the big game. There’s a scene where he seems to be impersonating Dylan Mulvaney that is spot-on for the absurdity of this whole trans fantasy we are forced to be living in—plus it’s hilarious!

There were also some fun cameos, including Ted Cruz, Ben Shapiro, Riley Gaines, Clay Travis, Seth Dillon and even Dr. Jordan Peterson, himself. However, Matt Walsh stole the show with his portrayal of an uber lefty flower child, where he meditates on the front lawn surrounded by rainbow-colored signs with happy platitudes (most likely, he was channeling internet comedy star, J.P. Spears). And, of course, the irony is, Matt Walsh’s film, “What is a Woman,” tackles the subject of men competing in women’s sports and the irrational acceptance that women can have male genitalia. Which makes his character even more entertaining, when you’ve seen him eviscerate the whole gender ideology we are being force-fed.

We would be remiss if not to mention the exquisite job done by the minor actress who played Jeremy Boreing’s character’s 8-year-old daughter. Rosie Seraphine Harper nailed her part as an indoctrinated child who knows more about things she shouldn’t know about than the adults in the room. In reality, this is a sad fact, as we know our kids in public schools are being smothered with age-inappropriate information starting as young as kindergarten. Miss Harper truly captured the precocious child character in a believable, fun performance (unlike the terribly contrived, overacted and cringeworthy performance of many young actors in woke movies produced by the ‘big guns.’

Two Thumbs Up!

“Lady Ballers” may not be Oscar-worthy (of course, the Oscars no longer have the clout they once had and have become awards for self-righteous bigots and social justice activists who kiss the ring of wokeness); however, it is very entertaining and who can’t use a good laugh these days? The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive from the audience (Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score is 95% , while Hollywood critics are appalled by it. Roger Moore from Movie Nation calls it, “A groaning 110 minutes of agenda in search of a laugh…” And that should tell you everything you need to know and make you even more excited to watch! You can signup to watch here. Due to the mature subject matter, Mammoth Nation recommends you view the film and decide if it is appropriate for your kids.

Congratulations to The Daily Wire for taking a chance to make comedy great again. Along with Greg Gutfeld and other entities that are not afraid to point out the hypocrisy of our time, while poking at the establishment, we are thankful. After all, isn’t that what our First Amendment protects—the right to free speech? And wasn’t ‘free speech’ fought for by the true Liberals back in the day? So now the Conservatives must take the baton and continue fighting for our freedoms—an interesting juxtaposition of priorities over time. This is the biggest fight of our lifetime, and we have to attack from all angles. The Left has owned culture for too long—it’s time for some diversity in the world of entertainment. Sadly, they’ve forgotten to laugh at all our differences in their passionate pursuit for equity. Maybe someday they’ll even learn to laugh at themselves.

As Jeremy Boreing’s character states in the film several times, “Winners are just losers who win sometimes.” “Lady Ballers” is a big win for anyone who wants to laugh!