Let’s Talk About Vax!

As we start gearing up for the fall season, parents are busy getting the kids ready for going back to school by shopping for backpacks, supplies, new shoes, etc. This includes ensuring their kids’ immunizations are up-to-date, and making appointments with their pediatricians to fill any gaps if required. Those without kids in the house are being nudged to get their flu shots and COVID boosters.

With all of the recent data coming out about the COVID MRNA shots and many childhood vaccines in general, it might be wise to take a pause and do some homework before offering up little arms to be jabbed (as well as your own). There are so many studies that are showing negative implications from many vaccines. This should compel us all to take a deeper dive into what is motivating these so-called ‘experts’ pushing us to take the jab. It is likely they’re not providing the full story, with many being beholden to the unproven narratives by organizations such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). The trust in these organizations has declined severely since the pandemic has revealed layers of corruption and greedy political agendas.

And now that our eyes are open from learning about the information suppression from our government colluding with Big Tech, along with the outright lies around COVID, Pandora’s box has been unlocked forever. We now have even more questions, as well as additional mistrust around other vaccines that have been injected into us throughout our lifetime. Questions about the rise of autism, which is almost parallel to the increasing amount of vaccines that most children are forced to take in order to be compliant with school attendance requirements. (It’s interesting to note here that the Amish community has nearly a 0% incidence of Autism and they do not vaccinate.) And just look how the media is doing their best to mislabel Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ due to his deep-dive research and questioning of age-old vaccination protocol. True science should always challenge accepted theories and practices over time. Check out what Dr. Peter McCollough recently shared with Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk about vaccines: https://twitter.com/P_McCulloughMD/status/1679108571672326144?s=20

The purpose of this blog is not to make recommendations one way or another; but to bring information to the surface so that our readers can research and make the best decision for themselves and their families. With the plethora of data out there, we wanted to provide some important links throughout this blog around vaccines in general and the MRNA vaccines– showing the direct risks of myocarditis and other serious injuries MRNA can cause. The powers that be have been trying to hide this important data as well, but fortunately, the truth finds its way through the dark.

We have been following Alex Berenson’s brave and highly-researched reports since the onset of COVID. Then we learned about Dr. Malone (one of the MRNA developers) and Dr. Peter McCullogh (mentioned above), who were desperately trying to warn us about these new vaccines that were not tested using standard protocol. Check out America’s Frontline Doctors founded by Dr. Simone Gold, a Beverly Hills physician who challenged pandemic public health measures and promoted COVID therapies like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (that actually work as proven in several studies). Additionally, you can learn about standard drug approval timelines here https://www.drugs.com/fda-approval-process.html where it states “The full research, development and approval process can last from 12 to 15 years…”

Thanks to Elon Musk, who believes in our first amendment of free speech, we now have access to much of this information on “X” (the new Twitter). We have also learned of the incredibly corrupt Big pharma and the luxurious loopholes they possess so that they can never be sued for ineffective vaccines. In short, having the government declare the pandemic as an “emergency,” allowed the pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines without having to suffer any recourse if they did not work. (Interestingly, Moderna seemed to be working on the COVID-19 vaccine well before the “lab leak.”) but that’s a whole other article!)

There is so much information available, and even places that sell Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine online. Check out this link: https://www.firstpost.com/health/how-to-get-ivermectin-tablets-in-the-usa-11934982.html

Interestingly, when searching for ‘how to purchase Ivermectin online’, there were so many listings saying that this drug does not work for COVID-19–and these were from so-called “legitimate’ sources! Take a look for yourself:

In fact, articles similar to these may suggest that ivermectin is not safe, while The Journal of Antibiotics went to great lengths in 2017 detailing the benefits of Ivermectin for numerous ailments https://www.nature.com/articles/ja201711.

It’s actually appalling how many major power-players were trying to suppress access to an inexpensive, non-dangerous drug that helped most people within 24 hours. They had to stick to their narrative to suppress the truth. Without the government maintaining this ‘Public Health Emergency,’ Big Pharma would lose their power to continue with the ‘emergency,’ They even tried to shame podcast superstar, Joe Rogan, that he took a disgusting horse dewormer to fight his bout with COVID-19. Did you also catch how Terry Bradshaw and Micheal Strahan blasted Aaron Rodgers on Fox’s NFL Sunday when they found out about him not vaxxing and using other proven methods instead? It was a total disgrace. Even though it worked for Joe and Aaron (and many others), they had to diminish their results. Because, if people could prove that there were alternative medical treatments that could cure the disease, their vaccine could no longer be the only solution. Check out podcaster Megyn Kelly’s interview of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an outspoken vaccine research expert, who explains how this works.


This has been one of the most despicable crimes against humanity in the history of our world. Please equip yourself with as much knowledge and information about what is right for you and your family when it comes to vaccines and alternative medicines for treating COVID-19.