More than Half of Americans Believe Biden Likely Took Bribes in Office

How did the Biden family become so wealthy on Joe’s presidential salary and Dr. Jill’s teaching career? Could the whistleblowers have the answer? More and more of them are coming forward with claims that President Joe Biden and his family have taken up to $30 million in illicit bribes and payments from foreign sources tied to China, Russia and Ukraine. And although Joe denies them, how do you explain this incredible wealth advancement? It’s almost like in the past few decades, unless you’re already wealthy (Trump), sitting in the Oval Office has become extremely profitable.

A recent online poll published by Issues and Insights shows that 56% of voters believe these whistleblower claims. The poll of 1,341 adults, taken July 5-7, asked respondents how likely is it that the claims are true?:

Broken down by parties, it’s no surprise that Republicans were 80% likely vs. 9% unlikely, Democrats were 39% likely vs. 42% unlikely and Independents were 56% vs. 22%.

Diving in at an even more granular level, the only two segments that had a majority of “unlikely” responses were Democrats and Liberals. Even ALL segments of women believed that it was more likely than not that the Biden family took bribes, as well as Blacks, Hispanics and Urban dwellers.

With these findings, it seems unfathomable that Joe Biden is seriously considering a second term. No doubt, a likely reason (one of many) why it has already been established that he will NOT be debating any candidates in the primary. Can you imagine him going up against Robert F. Kennedy?

Many Americans are waking up as more light is being shone on the Biden family’s business and political dealings. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, the Kentucky Republican in charge of Congress’ investigation of Biden, is turning up more evidence showing how the president and his family might have raked in more than $40 million from foreign sources for making favorable decisions while in office, including the presidency.

“This was organized crime,” said Comer, speaking in late June. “There’s no other way to define it.”

More evidence surfaced from the Whatsapp message from Hunter Biden trying to shake down Gongwen “Kevin” Dong of CEFC a CCP government-tied energy company for his $10 million a year for the “joint venture” headed by Hunter and including Joe’s brother James Biden, Tony Bobulinski, and Jim Bulger. Remember? The message where he explicitly states that he is “sitting here with my father.” This, by the way, is a complete contradiction to Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he never took part in Hunter’s business dealings.

And, of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The House probe of the Biden family’s shady finances has uncovered “more than 20 companies (created by the Bidens and their business associates), according to bank records obtained by the House Oversight Committee — a system, GOP lawmakers say, that was meant to conceal money received from foreign nationals.”

Sixteen of those companies were formed while Biden still held the vice presidency.

And what about the allegations about taking money from both Russian and Ukrainian officials, which took place amid the 2020 elections? It appears the list will continue to grow as we become closer to the 2024 elections. Will Joe become impeached? Will he resign? Will slick-haired Gavin Newsom slide in as the candidate? At this point, anything can happen as we have seen in the last few years. One thing for sure is that America is starting to see the light, as reflected in these polls.

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