MRNA Covid Vaccines Update – What You Need to Know

It’s been over two years since the mRNA Covid vaccines hit the market and the mainstream news, CDC and World Health Organization and others continue to promote them as safe and effective and claim that side-effects are “very rare.” “Everyone 6 months and older should get an updated COVID-19 vaccine,” the CDC website continues to recommend.

The reality is that people continue to die from the vax and suffer serious injuries. By some accounts, up to 17 million people have died from the vaccine worldwide, according to Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA vaccine and has since been a strong critic after being personally injured from the jab. More data comes out daily about just how dangerous the shots can be, causing everything from myocarditis to autoimmune diseases and turbo cancers.

The Data on mRNA Vax Injuries

“There have been 1,366 peer-reviewed publications in the last 15 months documenting severe complications and death after the Covid shots,” Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, a Houston-based physician, recently reported on X, where she’s @MDBreathe. Dr. Bowden was censored and defamed early on during the Covid pandemic because she advocated for early Covid treatment and took a stand for vaccine choice. In November of 2021, Houston Methodist Hospital, one of the first to require staff to be vaccinated, suspended her for speaking out against its mandate.

We recently caught up with Dr. Bowden when she was receiving a Conservative Leader Award from the conservative group Texas Scorecard, in Dallas. Upon hearing news of yet another vaccinated young adult suffering from a stroke, she responded, “They’ve got to get these shots taken off the market.”

Well, if you follow the stock market, the public is getting the message. Demand for the vaccines is cratering and shares of Pfizer continue to plummet. Just this week it announced expected sales for its mRNA Covid vaccine and its anti-Covid drug to fall 35 percent next year, after plunging 80 percent this year. Trust in doctors and vaccines in general is at an all-time low. So, what is one to do?

There is good news. Now 18 states have passed various restrictions on vaccine mandates, including last month, the state of Texas passed a law making Covid jab mandates illegal for private employers.

Holistic Ways to Mitigate Damage From the Spike Proteins

There are many brave doctors speaking up and trying to help. If you’re suffering from covid or been vaccinated, don’t dismay.  Dr. Peter McCullough, a world-renowned cardiologist who’s been sounding the alarm about Covid treatment and vaccines, has come up with what he refers to as the McCullough Protocol to treat Covid.

For those vaccine damaged, Dr. McCullough explains that the spike protein is to blame, and that the vaccines inject the genetic code for the spike protein into the body, which can’t break it down on its own and it’s unknown how long they last. (Contrary to the CDC, which keeps asserting the spoke proteins only last a few weeks in your system.) The spike proteins have been known to cause inflammation and attack vital organs, including the heart and reproductive organs. On Dr. McCullough’s website, he recommends three supplements to help mitigate their harm and degrade them: They are: 1. Natto kinase - 2000 units twice a day. Breaks down spike protein. 2. Bromelain - 500 milligrams once a day. Also breaks down spike protein. 3. Curcumin - 500 milligrams twice a day. Reduces inflammation and spike protein damage.

This hits home as the 19-year-old relative of the author of this article, suffered from a potentially fatal stroke a year ago as the result of the vaccine. This doctor of this individual, who was promptly removed from the medical case after the hospital administration learned that he asked if his patient had received the jab, recently reconnected with his patient. The doctor scientifically ruled out all the potential reasons for the stroke, deducing it had to have been the vaccine. Also, until more is known on how to remove the spike proteins, he recommended these natural supplements to potentially mitigate damage from them. The logic being, they’re natural so there’s no harm in taking them and can only help.

So, this Christmas as you hunt for stocking stuffers for that difficult to buy person, stock up on any holistic product that boosts one’s overall immunity, including Mammoth Nation’s Health & Wellness vendors.

Whether Covid 19 vaccine-injured or not, or just wanting to be prepared for the next Covid scare, it’s always good to be prepared.