Our Country Our Choice

Have you had enough? Do you want to help facilitate change? Do you want to take back our country? Please read the following summary of a brand-new movement led by one of our true American heroes.

As truth-seekers, we want to know what’s going on, even though it is oftentimes too hard to believe. But our faith in God’s plan provides the light we need to navigate through this tumultuous season. There are glimmers of hope poking through the darkness that we want to do our part in sharing. Our Country Our Choice is a new people’s movement and media platform with the mission to “inform every American about the importance of choosing decision-makers who will put an end to the intentional sabotage of our beloved nation and start serving us, the American people.” The distinction is made that this is not a political organization, but rather a platform to promote candidates that are worthy to serve the American people. 

With over 100,000 current members, the goal is to multiply that number to the millions to exert meaningful pressure on our policy makers and the deep state. The ultimate call is to take back our country. Under the leadership of retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor (Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense under President Trump), OCOC (Our Country Our Choice) is poised to ignite action and create real opportunities for like-minded Americans to make a difference. Listen directly to the words of Colonel Macgregor to understand the real existential threat to our country, and how we can unite to amplify our collective voices and make significant changes:

Changing the Destination of our Nation

The current momentum created by the leftist; Marxist ideology is leading us into the darkest period of our lifetime. Our Country, Our Choice, is standing up to defend the ideals and practical principles that have made our country great. Here are the seven fundamentals this group will defend:

  • Our border
  • Our children
  • Our elections
  • Our right to bear arms
  • Us from endless wars
  • Our religious freedom
  • Us from globalism

There are calls to action under each of these individual items that includes specific instructions on things you can do to make a difference. The example below is from “Defend our children”.


  • Outlaw sex change operations and use of the puberty blockers.
  • Prosecute medical doctors who perform the mutilating procedures.
  • End the sexualization of our children in schools.
  • Ban critical race theory from schools.
  • Identify organizations and individuals working actively against the sexualization of our children. Join them and support their effort.
  • Attending your children’s schools open houses and parent-teacher conferences.
  • Stay involved with the assigned readings from libraries and school media centers, as they may provide inappropriate books for your children.
  • Above all: Talk to your children

We used to believe our government already defended these basic human rights; however, in the last few years we have witnessed a complete disregard and almost inverted system of defending the exact opposite. It is time to take back our country before it’s too late.

Ways to Make Your Voice Heard

There are several ways you can get involved and help make a difference. You can make a donation by becoming a member. This can be as low as $2 per month, or you can make a one-time gift for as much as you would like. It’s not just a financial contribution, but a commitment to the cause and a pledge to stand united in the battle to reclaim our beloved nation.

There are also volunteering opportunities. You can step up as official Local Leaders in your county. The strength of this movement relies on individuals taking the initiative within communities to drive transformative change from the grassroots level. You can directly impact the growth and awareness of this organization at the grassroots level. Your time and efforts will help to ensure that our country remains free for future generations.

The Time is Now

We cannot wait for “someone else” in charge to make the tyranny go away. Many of those who are “in charge” have created this situation in the first place. Mammoth Nation also provides an opportunity to make an impact by purchasing from American vendors who share your values and offer US-made products. By taking a stance in how we spend our dollars, we are also making our voices heard.