Project 2025 – A Plan to Take Back America

If ever there was a time to shine light on hope for our country, now is that time. Our world is in complete disarray. We’re almost afraid to pick up our news source to see where tensions are escalating or what new war has started. The recent terrorist attack in Israel was so horrific and beyond comprehension, and learning about it in real time with live images of the senseless carnage has shaken most of humanity to the core. If evil can penetrate the Iron Dome in Israel, it can find its way into any of our homes.

Do you feel protected by our current administration? Do you feel they have our best interest at heart? Where are the adults in the room? The ones who take responsibility and make sacrifices for the rest of the family? The political curtain of corruption has now been exposed to anyone who wants to see the truth. We are thankful to Elon Musk for keeping one media outlet open to truth, or we might be completely subject to state propaganda, which is what most mainstream media broadcasts 24/7. A constant echo chamber of talking points sent over by Karine Jean-Pierre to feed to the masses. It is truly sad to see how many seemingly intelligent people eat it up and spew it back out to others (perhaps a reflection of our higher education indoctrination laboratories that no longer teach critical thinking).

Those who hunger for the truth can see exactly what is going on. Our current leaders are weak and corrupted beyond repair after decades of palm-greasing and special “favors” in the D.C. swampland. Is it too late? Have they completely sold out our freedoms for their gated mansions, private jets and yachts the size of small islands? Is there anyone in power who stands for what our Founding Fathers went to battle for, or are they all just ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ piling up their treasure troves and rubbing elbows with the ‘elites'? Thankfully, there is hope—it's called Project 2025.

What is Project 2025?

The slogan sums it up “Building now for a conservative victory through policy, personnel, and training.” Project 2025 is full steam ahead with optimism and a detailed plan on how we will take back our country. The project is the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation and builds from their own theme “Mandate for Leadership,” which has been highly influential for presidential administrations since the Reagan era. Project leaders Paul Dans, former chief of staff at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) during the Trump administration and Spencer Chretien, former special assistant to the president and associate director of Presidential Personnel, understand that it’s not enough for conservatives to win elections—we need a governing agenda and the right people in place to ready to carry out the mission on day one.

The Project 2025 website goes onto explain:

This is the goal of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project. The project will build on four pillars that will, collectively, pave the way for an effective conservative administration: a policy agenda, personnel, training, and a 180-day playbook.

The project is the effort of a broad coalition of conservative organizations that have come together to ensure a successful administration begins in January 2025. With the right conservative policy recommendations and properly vetted and trained personnel to implement them, we will take back our government.

It should give everyone some comfort in knowing there is indeed a well-thought-out plan that includes a 180-day playbook all set to go!

Earlier this month, The Daily Signal interviewed Spencer Chretien, who summed up Project 25 as follows:

Well, Project 2025 is a conservative movement’s effort to get ready for the next conservative administration. We see every day the effects of the current administration, whether it’s the open southern border, rampant inflation, a woke and weaponized government, foreign policy disaster, and we need new leadership in this country. And so, while that is true, it’s also important that we get ready for what happens after Jan. 20, 2025, when the new president takes office.

...Project 2025 is now more than 70 conservative organizations. It’s organized here at Heritage, but it includes, really, a who’s who of the conservative movement. We have groups involved that are more establishment-friendly, more populous-friendly, more libertarian, social conservative. We got everybody.

We are behind the Left when it comes to understanding the bureaucracy; when it comes to working in the government here in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, the political composition is not the best for us. So, we are behind the eight ball, and we need to build this infrastructure on the Right and train our people up ahead of time so that we’re ready to hit the ground running.

The book, Mandate for Leadership, The Conservative Promise, lays out the entire agenda prepared by and for conservatives who will be ready on Day One of the next Administration to save our country. The Conservative Promise represents the best effort of the conservative movement in 2023—and the next conservative President’s last opportunity to save our republic. So, it’s not only imperative that we ensure a conservative leader rightfully wins the next presidency, but this new administration will need the right agenda and tools to begin on day one—that's what Project 2025 provides.

How Can I get Involved?

It starts with recruiting the right people to implement this critical agenda. The Project 2025 website invites potential candidates to fill out an application and upload a resume for inclusion in the 2025 Presidential Transition Project Talent Database. Remember, one of the four pillars for success is having the right people to fulfill all personnel needs. If you are interested, click here to learn how you can apply. You can also apply to the Presidential Administration Academy, which is a unique educational and skill-building program designed to prepare and equip future political appointees now to be ready on Day One of the next conservative Administration. At this pivotal time in our history, we have to get the word out and prepare now. We ask that you share this information with as many patriots as possible who might want to serve in the next administration. Empowering political appointees across the Administration is crucial to a President’s success.

If you are not a candidate for working in administration, there is still much you can do. As mentioned above, just by sharing this information on your social media we can begin to spread some hope and confidence that we have a detailed plan to combat the leftist agenda with the next election. We urge you to visit the website and learn more about Project 2025—you may become inspired to get involved in other ways within your own community. We can build on the knowledge we gain from understanding what is at stake and the pathway to a future of hope.

Left Wing Activists are Alarmed

A recent article in OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs), points out that the left is already reacting to Project 2025. MSNBC went as far as doing a 15-minute segment that darkly warns of “a radical, far-right plan to purge and restructure the U.S. government.” Project 2025 Director, Paul Dans, responded, “We could not produce this kind of advertisement if we tried.”

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Mike Gonzales stated, “Make no mistake...the Left is right to fear our plan to gut the federal bureaucracy.” Another Project 2025 leader followed with, “If you’re ready to fight the Deep State on behalf of the next conservative president, now’s your chance.” This was in reference to an upcoming OCPA event (Nov. 10) where one of the contributing authors of Mandate for Leadership (and formerly executive director of the 2016 Presidential Transition Team) Rick Dearborn will be discussing Project 2025 and is inviting anyone who might consider spending four to eight years in the imperial city to help undo the damage the Left has inflicted on our constitutional republic.

Even the AP got in on the action. Remember when the Associated Press used to be unbiased, and just shared the facts? But alas, they too now get their talking points from KJP. Check out this headline from August: “Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the U.S. government and replace it with Trump’s vision.” The article states that some of the visions (of Project 2025) bleed into some kind of authoritarian fantasies where everyone must do what the president says.

There’s a “top to bottom overhaul” of the Department of Justice, particularly curbing its independence and ending FBI efforts to combat the spread of misinformation...There are proposals to have the Pentagon “abolish” its recent diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, what the project calls the “woke” agenda, and reinstate service members discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Oh, we can’t have THAT! It’s almost like abolishing failed DEI policies that neutered our military and allowing those who declined to take an untested vaccine reinstatement in the service is a bad thing. For any true American that believes that all men and women are created equal and possess inalienable rights bestowed on by their Creator, this is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, so many have been indoctrinated into the Marxist agenda that there is now a total inversion of what is good and what is evil. This is what we’re fighting. And this is why we need Project 2025. Please help us get the word out and share this light of hope. The silent majority needs to make some noise!