Red VS Blue – Governor Showdown

The gloves came off and the governors were ready to rumble. One came equipped with facts, composure and integrity; the other, armed with bald-faced lies, disrespect and a smirk the devil would be jealous of. That’s right—we’re talking about Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis and California Governor, Gavin Newsom. This event was the mastermind of Sean Hannity. Some think it was sort of a frivolous event; however, it received a lot of attention and was really an outstanding vehicle to expose a contrast of ideas. It also revealed some interesting perspectives and attitudes from viewers.

Dave Rubin stated on “X”, “I’ve never seen anything like this. Newsom literally can’t say one sentence that is true. DeSantis is calmly just laying out facts and reality. This disconnect from reality Newsom and the Left is exactly what needed to be exposed.” It was interesting to hear from some of the pundits after the debate. One that stood out was Kaliegh McEnany’s grade she handed out to Newsom. She gave him a “C” and labeled him a “rising star.” Apparently, her focus was on style vs. content. But even more disturbing than that were some of the posts on X expressing that Trump fans were rooting for Newsom to protest DeSantis. At this point in the GOP Primary race, it’s pretty apparent that Trump will be the candidate. Even if you aren’t a DeSantis fan, he is still representing the Republican party and the values of the right. (This is, indeed, a crazy moment in our history!)

Biggest Takeaways

Without going into too much detail, here are the highlights (and lowlights) of this historic event. At minimal, most folks were entertained, and it certainly didn’t hurt the Republican Party. In fact, this debate painted a clear picture of the major differences between the parties. Republicans value integrity, freedom, common sense and the will of the people. Democrats value power.

Red Brings Facts, Blue Overacts

You’ve got to hand it to Hannity for setting this spectacle up. He played friendly with Newsom and coaxed him into participating—Newsom couldn’t resist the opportunity to be in the spotlight! Unfortunately for him, he didn’t come prepared with any real data; and he certainly was outfoxed with all of the sourced facts that Hannity laid out for each question. First off, Newsom never answered one question he was asked. He just used his best dodgeball maneuvers (ducking, dodging, dipping, diverting and deceiving), while flashing those shiny whites of his. And anytime his lips were moving, yes, he was spewing out lies. It really was quite remarkable witnessing the speed and total inaccuracy of just about everything that came out of his mouth. He also showed a total lack of respect, talking over DeSantis, not just for a second or two, but for what seemed like complete chapters from his book of lies! He literally made things up in real time—where were the fact-checkers??

Red Welcomes Newsom’s Pop, Blue Tries to Hide Their Poop

One of the funniest moments in the debate is when they were arguing about Florida’s influx of California natives. Newsom, once again, ignored the facts that were laid out showing Florida’s population increase vs. California’s population decline. DeSantis went on to explain his conversation with a recent California migrant who left the state because he wanted a better life, and how much he LOVED living in the free state of Florida. It just so happened to be Newsom’s own father-in-law! Yes—that really happened! (Surprisingly, Newsom did not deny this.)

And when they dug in deeper as to why the great migration from California to Florida, after DeSantis even espoused on what a beautiful state California was, Newsom still was in denial and wouldn’t admit the fact that his citizens were leaving in droves. But DeSantis had a secret weapon to expose how bad it currently is in California. Yes, he pulled out the poop map!

What Ron is holding up here is a heat map of San Francisco showing where you would find live human feces (the darker the map, the more, well….you know). This was a priceless moment, and you must give DeSantis credit for this very creative trick he had up his sleeve! Newsom was not impressed.

Red Wins, Blue Loses

No matter which way you slice this, Newsom lost this debate. DeSantis brought the facts and calmly articulated why the red state of Florida is blazing a path of freedom and economic opportunity, which is resulting in a growing population of happy citizens. Newsom, conversely, showed his true color of “‘smarmy blue” by evading every question, lying, making false accusations about DeSantis’ character and actions.

What Newsom did accomplish was laying out the policies and priorities of the Left, which our current Commander-in-Chief is unable to articulate since he has difficulties delivering a cohesive sentence. Newsom does have the gift of gab, which he slickly delivers with his silver-tongued, slightly raspy voice and his devilish good looks. Anyone who watched that debate now sees what the Left truly stands for—lies, lies and more lies. Newsom just did the world a favor by clearly translating Biden’s plans in a language we can now understand.