Say Her Name – Laken Riley

Her life mattered. This should not be a past-tense sentence, but tragically, it is. A beautiful 22-year-old nursing honor student with her whole life in front of her has been viciously slaughtered by the evil being invited into our country by none other than Joe Biden and his diabolically corrupt administration. She will not graduate and start her profession helping others because of greedy, slimy, power-hungry political beasts who have sold out our country. Every American—for that matter, every living human being—should be outraged by this senseless act of violence. But wait…where are the political uprisings, burning buildings or threats of “mostly peaceful” protests for Laken? Why has her face not been plastered all over the media, being uplifted to hero status, with murals being painted in her honor? What’s going on?

Ed Masset Tweet Screenshot

Oh, that’s right…she’s not the right color. PLUS, she was brutally beaten by an illegal alien, which is not a popular narrative for the leftist media. The depravity of this senseless crime is at a magnitude that is unimaginable. It is difficult to write about the horrific details—especially when this beautiful young woman is near the same age as your own daughter. Any parent of a young woman cannot begin to fathom the pain and grief this victim’s family is going through. We pray for comfort for all of her family and friends, and we pray for justice. Let’s be real. We are at war with an ideology that has completely inverted right from wrong, truth from lies, and good from evil. What will it take to make it stop?

The Picture Painted by Mainstream Media

It would seem that a tragedy of this nature would be unifying to a modern civilization, connecting humanity to work together to ensure this can’t ever happen again. In a sane society, that would make sense. However, our country has become so poisoned by “wokeism” that our top news media portrays this story as an unfortunate outcome of a woman athlete training by herself. The Associated Press posted the following on X:

The Associated Press Tweet Screenshot

Got that, female athletes? Don’t run by yourself—it’s not safe. This has NOTHING to do with our border crisis and illegal criminals being invited into our country and given room, shelter and debit cards loaded with thousands of dollars on them. No, no, no….this is a direct result of female athletes daring to go on a run by themselves. The Mayor of Athens, GA, Kelly Girtz, told us, “…I caution against conflating immigration and crime. The data demonstrates that the two are not connected.” See? It has nothing to do with the border crisis.

How do these people sleep at night? Shameful!

Can We Turn This Around?

In Matthew 19:26, Jesus says, “…with God all things are possible.” All we have to do is listen to common sense and choose good over evil. He is pointing us in the direction we need to go. This is no longer a nuanced choice between Red vs. Blue, left vs. right, conservatism vs. liberalism. There really is only one choice right now, and anyone who is truly awake knows what our country needs. God has chosen many leaders throughout our history to lead us through a variety of trying times. And let’s face it, He chooses humans who are flawed to do His will. He could even choose a billionaire man with an orange face and a shellacked combover from Queens, N.Y., who used to send “mean tweets.”  And quite frankly, Donald J. Trump’s heart and head are in the right place to get this job done.

Donald J. Trump Tweet Screenshot

This is how a loving father reacts to protect his family. This is not a moment to cater to the woke agenda. He calls a spade a spade and is never driven by trendy idealistic views that are “inclusive” and “equitable.” Socialist, Marxist ideologies never have worked and never will work. Our nation is in a crisis, and many Americans are waking up to the destruction we are living in and the reality that time is running out if we don’t make major changes. Trump knows what is right and what is wrong and doesn’t care if you are offended by that. He is the man we need at this time, before it’s too late.

Biden’s policies killed Laken—period. Delta Queen on X wrote: "Biden is conducting a press conference on America's safety. He is praising himself and insists crimes are down across America. He doesn't speak about illegals or how many criminals the DAs have casually released. Biden did not say Laken Riley's name one time."

It’s time to fight back like honey badgers—just like the Athens, GA, patriot and father, James Lee, who called out the ridiculous, deceitful statements made by Mayor Girtz. Thank you, James Lee; your voice has been heard, and you speak for us all.

Say her name, Joe Biden. Say Laken Riley