If there was ever a time to change your traditional Big Box shopping routine, that time is now!

The latest Target debacle has sparked outrage from many consumers who are questioning the choices this mega-retailer is making in terms of the PRIDE product line they have recently promoted. And this is just one example—many brands are jumping on the woke bandwagon!

We’re witnessing in real time the results of the Bud Light advertising campaign snafu with sales down 30%. And now North Face has just put out a campaign featuring a drag queen superstar. It seems like the huge base of conservative and faith-based consumers are not just being ignored, but almost mocked by these non-traditional campaigns. We wonder how far this virtue signaling to a tiny customer base can go when you see how Budweiser sales continue to hemorrhage. But, according to Target’s CEO, it's good for business.

Target CEO, Brian Cornell stated “The things we’ve done from a DE&I [diversity, equity, and inclusion] standpoint, it’s adding value,…It’s helping us drive sales, it’s building greater engagement with both our teams and our guests, and those are just the right things for our business today. When we think about purpose at Target, it’s really about helping all the families, and that ‘all’ word is really important,” Cornell said.

Well, one day after these statements were made, the Target executives are conducting emergency meetings on how to fight the backlash they have been receiving from the multitudes of outraged customers who do not want these items merchandised prominently and oftentimes, near children’s products. In their efforts to be “inclusive” they have driven away many of their loyal customers.

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